Dr. Y. P. Chhibbar, General Secretary , PUCL has issued the following statement:

17 May

Thought Police in Osmania University It is reported that the Registrar of Osmania University, Andhra Pradesh has taken upon himself to act as the 'thought police' of the University. He has advised Dr. Kancha Illiah, Associate Professor of Political Science to write in the manner that he (Registrar) thinks is conducive to social harmony and emotional integration. Dr. Kancha Illiah had written an article in a local daily titled Spiritual Fascism and Civil society.

Dr. Kancha Illiah is an established academician and to try to advise him on what attitude to adopt on a particular social problem is a serious infringement of academic freedom of a teacher and an author. Such self assumed powers of academic censorship must be condemned roundly.

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