March 23, 2000

PUCL condemns the attack on Naamini Subrahmanyam Naidu , editor of the Andhra Jyoti weekly magazine:

"The attack on Naamini Subrahmanyam Naidu, editor, Andhra Jyoti magazine on 25th January for serializing Ravna Josyam hardly received any attention at all in the press. This self imposed censorship by the press when such attacks take place is a very dangerous trend. This censorship can not be explained away for other reasons like the writer or the article is no good or that there are other reasons for the attack and therefore the attack itself is not germane to free speech. Resort to such post-facto explanations are the surest way of the causing disappearance of free speech without any State intervention.

"The political Govt., as it is constituted today, may not by itself impose any restrictions on freedoms of a people in early stages. The State may try to steer clear of any accusation of undemocratic practice, live it to its subsidiary wings to impose restrained by use of sheer unauthorized and illegitimate force to silence voices of decent and discontented people. This trend has to be stopped and it is not sufficient to appeal to the State. We need to build strong public opinion for democratic and human rights continuously. Ad-hoc and fire fighting response will no longer ensure presence of democracy."

KG Kannabiran , President, PUCL
Y. P. Chhibbar, General Secretary


Letter to the Editor
"We are appalled by this incident and are very much concerned about its implications."

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