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PUCL, August 2008

Rebuilding Lives

Who is responsible for rebuilding lives of Innocent victims and families?
State response falls far short of the role expected of it.

Report of the socio-economic conditions of the Families of those Killed in the Jaipur bomb blast

PUCL Jaipur Bomb Blast Study Series - 3 , PUCL Rajesthan

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The People's Union for Civil Liberties, Rajasthan, has been actively involved in examining the various issues emerging from the Jaipur bomb blast of 13 May 2008 and drawn the conclusion that the State response has fallen far short of expectations.

As a Civil Liberties organisation we thought that such a heinous incident whoever be the perpetrators, takes place to create fear amongst the people. Since the context in which these attacks are received is also fraught with a certain ideology / politics of "national security" and communal polarisation hence the issues of civil liberties and that of human life become are central concern as well as examining the State response to it.

In the aftermath of the bomb blast the poor Bengali Migrant in particular the Muslim migrant was made a scapegoat of the terror attack and over 140 people were arrested and detained illegally under the sections of vagrancy the Cr PC, there being no desire to grant bail. PUCL had to move to the High Court to ensure that justice was done and bail was granted. The matter has been taken cognisance of by the National Human Rights Commission which has written to the GOR with regard to provding them with water, food and medicines.

The PUCL undertook two studies in Jaipur and Ajmer, examining the migrants civil liberties and the impact the arrests had on their food security. Two interim reports were released in the month of May and June 2008 and the final report will be out shortly.

The second intervention consisted of exposing the Rajasthan Police's attitude of profiling of the Muslim in the State as the terrorist; the presupposition of all investigations has been that the "terrorist is the Islamist". PUCL has been documenting this dimension and has from time to time issued press statements. On numerous occasions, PUCL has demanded that the ordinary Muslim live in peace. The investigations ought to stop profiling and bring accountability to the real culprits,

Finally we had announced in the beginning itself that we would go house to house and understand how the innocent victims of the bomb blast were coping with their lives and also examine the state support towards the rebuilding of their lives. This house to house visit was undertaken as a study and we tried to examine the Socio-Economic conditions of these families so that State and Societal Support could be better directed.

In June and July of this year, PUCL undertook the study of more than forty-two families of the deceased and sixty families of those seriously injured in the bomb blast. The study was guided by Dr. Ashok Khandelwal, Advisor to the Supreme Court Commissioner in the right to food matter, with Sh. Vijay Goyal as data Analyst. More than fourteen intern- students from various Law and other Arts colleges completed the field study. The study is ongoing.

To quote from the field notes from one of the researchers, "Our teams met all the categories of the affected the families of the deceased and the injured and our experience left us empty of all sort words of sufficient expression to describe the strength of the human will that some times breaks down but continues to fight despite everything. It humbled us inspired us and at a point left us in tears".

Essentially, the report comprises both the qualitative and quantitative data generated by the study and tables documenting the observations

Click here for full report in pdf format.

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