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PUCL Bulletin, September 2006

Attack on ISKCON temple condemned

Letter to editor

It was indeed shocking and mind boggling to hear the news about the grenade blast in the ISKON temple in Imphal. It needs outright condemnation. Immediate answers are needed to all the questions raised. No judicial enquiry or promises of compensation can heal the wounds and the hurts of the completely innocent people.

Why are we bent upon setting precedences? When our poor Elizabeth was killed we said, “My god! But this never happened in Manipur before”. Then our women challenged the Assam Rifles with their stark nakedness and set a precedence of sorts. And now we have this public massacre of the magnitude which has never happened before. How many more precedence have to be established? We may be in the meanwhile surrounded and butchered by bullets raining on us from all sides. The group responsible for this should come out and own the tragedy.

The government has to take appropriate action otherwise we should all demand this government's resignation. The government will now have to prove their accountability and convince the people that they still have rule of law. The citizens of Manipur need to be convinced of this. Time has come for us to stand against this anarchy. – Yours in pain. – Dr N Vijaylakshmi Brara, Imphal, Camp Shillong, 17 August 2006 .

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