PUCL August, 2004

Felicition of VHP official by Gujarat government condemned

Letter to The Times of India by J. S. Bandukwala

The Editor,
The Times of India,

Dear Sir,

The Gujarat Government has felicitated K.K.Shastri, the State President of the VHP, on his entering the centenary year. This is the same gentleman who on March 4, 2002, praised those who carried out the Naroda Patiya and Gulbarg society massacres.

In his words, as widely reported by the media, including the Times of India " these were our boys, from respected families, who were trained to do this thing ". This statement of his was never retracted. As expected the Gujarat Government did not even file a case against him, for incitement to murder
and rape.

Note that the BJP has stalled Parliament for many days demanding action against Shibu Soren for inciting murder about 30 years ago.

But in the K.K.Shastri case the State officially honours him, with L.K.Advani in attendance.One wonders whether there is any morality and ethics left in the BJP.

In truth the party just survives on Muslim hatred. In that sense K.K.Shastri had to be honoured, for afterall Muslims had to taught a lesson.

Sincerely Yours,

[Dr. Bandukwala is a Vice-president of PUCL]



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