PUCL, September 2003

The President,
Medical Council of India,
Firoz Shah Kotla Road,
New Delhi 110002.

Dear Sir/Madame,

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We have come to know that the Medico Friend Circle and over 50 medical doctors have filed a complaint to the Medical Council of India stating that Dr. Pravin Togadia has harmed the dignity and honour of medical profession; and violated some other guidelines of the Code of Medical Ethics of the Medical Council. This complaint, as we have come to know about, is using the media and other reports to point at his participation in the campaign of hate against the Muslims, advocacy of violence, instigation of mobs to indulge in violence, threatening health professionals providing care to Muslim patients, asking them to discriminate on religious lines, and so on.

We do not know whether the allegations contained in this complaint before you are true, but we do believe that they very serious allegations of misconduct against a doctor because if found to be true, then people’s trust in and the credibility of the Medical Profession and the Medical Council of India would be shaken. Only an immediate, impartial and efficient national level investigation by the Medical Council of India could prove or disprove the truthfulness of allegations.

Therefore, we strongly feel, and urge you to:

  • To undertake immediate and thorough investigations in the press reports and the allegations contained in the said complaint;
  • To ensure that such investigation is done by a national independent authority consisting eminent and ethical doctors and citizens;

We hope that needful will be done at the earliest.

Thanking you.


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