PUCL, 2002

Thu, 14 Feb 2002
Prof. Ram Puniyani
EKTA, Committee for Communal Amity
B 64, IIT Qutrs Mumbai, 400076

VHP stance of temple construction condemned

Vishwa Hindu Parishad's decision to start the temple construction from
middle of March is fraught with dangers. In 1992 plans for mobilization to do Kar Seva led to the major tragedy of Babri Demolition and frightful riots all over the country. The NDA govt's weak resolve, manifested in the form of Mr. Vajpayee offering his hospitality to Sants etc of VHP will encourage this outfit to take the law in its hands and widen further the rift between communities and will vitiate the atmosphere of communal amity, which is a prerequisite for tackling the social issues. VHP's decision is definitely in tune with the needs of the politics of Sangh Parivar.

VHP seems to be having a large number of Sants who seem to be the major
players in its decision-making. Meaning of the word Sant is one, who is
accommodative, tolerant and one who is striving for social amity. The present onslaught by the saffron robed Sants is most violative of this meaning and brings disrepute to the very meaning of this noble word.

Rather then being Sants these VHP Sadhus are more of self-seeker volunteers in the service of RSS and its agenda of Hindu Rashtra. We urge upon the law keeping machinery to ensure that VHP is not allowed to create the tension in society once again. All moral and legal norms should be activated to make VHP desist from its plans, which are violative of law, constitution and the social amity.


1. Dr. Ambrose Pinto, Principal, St. John'sCollege Banglore
2.Dolphy D'Souza, All India Catholic Union,Mumbai
3.Jatin Desai, PIPFD, Mumbai
4.M. N. Ansari, Banglore
5.Pervin Jehangir, NBA, Mumbai
6.Prakash Shah, Nirishak, Gujarat
7. Ram Puniyani, EKTA, Mumbai
8. Yogesh Kamdar, PUCL, Mumbai

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