PUCL Bulletin, June 2002

Dastardly Killings in Jammu

Dr. Y.P. Chhibbar, General Secretary PUCL has issued the following statement:
"The PUCL strongly condemns the barbaric attack on innocent bus passengers going from Himachal Pradesh to Jammu. It is reported that after mowing down some of the bus passengers the terrorists entered an army camp, lobbed grenades, and then entered the family quarters. They wired the surrounding areas with booby traps and then entered the houses, killing 10 children, 8 women, and 5 army persons. They were finally killed when reinforcements arrived 5 hours after the whole operation had started.

"While it is difficult to preempt a terrorist attack, responding effectively to their operation after 5 hours is a sad commentary on the army's alertness.
"According to one newspaper report this is the 14th major massacre in J and K since 1997. At least three hundred and eighteen people have been killed in these massacres. Such a huge loss of lives creates traumatic consequences for a much larger number of persons. Obviously our preparedness, intelligence, alertness in response, weaponry, and everything else that is required leaves much that needs to be done.

Blaming Pakistan, ISI, one or the other of its outfits, is no solace to the next of the kin of those who fall victims to such attacks." -- May 15, 2002

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