PUCL January, 2002

Crime Against Humanity

A new report by: The Concerned Citizens Tribunal ­ Gujarat 2002, Published on November 22, 2002

Volume I: List of Incidents and Evidence (303 pages)
Volume II: Findings and Recommendations (248 pages)

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The Tribunal spent a fortnight in Gujarat in May 2002 recording evidence. In all 2,094 statements, written and oral were processed by the Tribunal. These were from the affected areas, from over 16 districts of the state. Apart from Ahmedabad, the Tribunal had made a field visit to Godhra and the sight of the arson, and Vadodara, Ankleshwar where victim survivors from different areas came.

The testimony of two members of the government and several bureaucrats and policemen were also taken on record. The findings and recommendations of the Tribunal will have far-reaching consequences for the struggle for justice for the victim survivors of the carnage.

Voices of collective conscience
A synthesis of the major findings of independent citizens' groups which attempted to study Gujarat post-Godhra.

Volume 19 - Issue 26, December 21, 2002 - January 03, 2003

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A tribunal's verdict
The Concerned Citizens' Tribunal, an independent team consisting of eminent jurists, indicts the Narendra Modi government for the Gujarat violence. Article.

The International Initiative for Justice in Gujarat
December 19, 2002


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