PUCL Bulletin, March 2004

PUCL Jamshedpur team visits the Sakchi Jail

Jail authorities forced to return bribe money

-- By Nishant Akhilesh, Secretary, Jharkhand PUCL, 6 January, 2004

Today a team of Jamshedpur PUCL visited Sakchi Jail. The members of PUCL found that there were about 100 visitors near the visitors’ window frantically trying to meet and talk to their relatives and friends lodged in Sakchi Jail, On enquiry, it was revealed that everyone has been forced to pay @ Rs. l0/- to Rs. 20/- to get permission to meet their relatives lodged in the Jail. There were many people who came with release orders and to get the signatures of the undertrial prisoners in the Wakalatnama. They were forced to pay Rs. 30-100 respectively for this job to be done by the jail authority.

The PUCL delegation arranged a demonstration immediately on the spot and asked the Jail guards to return the illegally collected money to each and every one. This was brought to the notice of Deepak Kumar Vidhyarthi, the Jail Superintendent who after enquiring into this matter arranged to return the illegally collected money to each and every one (36 persons) then and there. Vidyarthi assured the delegation of the PUCL team that such malpractices would not be repeated in the future. He also assured that he will take suitable disciplinary action against the culprit jail wardens engaged in such malpractices.

The Jamshedpur PUCL organised this action programme as a part of jail reform movement which started and initiated by Dhanbad unit of PUCL on 2003 where such illegally collected money was returned to 136 visitors at Dhanbad Jail.


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