PUCL Bulletin, June 2004

Delhi police officer's dereliction of duty

The PUCL had drawn the attention of the National Human Rights Commission through a letter on August 19, 2000 to a news published in the Indian Express on August 2 that the bodies of a mother and her child lay near the railway tracks for eight hours while the R.K. Puram police, the Chanakyapuri police and the Railway Police engaged in discussion of jurisdiction concerning the spot where the bodies were lying.

The PUCL urged the Commission not to let such callous and inhuman attitudes go unnoticed.

The Commission informed the PUCL by a letter dated March 26, 2004, received in the PUCL office on April 30, 2004 that the Commission had considered the matter on November 12, 2003. It conveyed to the PUCL that, “The reports indicate that there was, indeed, a regrettable delay in acting in respect of the bodies of the mother and child, found by the railway tracks, because of confusion in three police stations as to whose jurisdiction this matter fell within. It appears from the police reports that ASI Mangez Singh has received a warning to be more careful in future from the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Crime and Railway, Delhi. In light of this, the reports are taken on record and this case is closed.”

It is interesting to note the dates of this petition and the decision on it:
Petition by PUCL: August 19, 2000;

Meeting of the Commission to consider the matter and to give direction: November 12, 2003;

Letter concerning the decision to the PUCL: March 16, 2004

– Y.P. Chhibbar


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