PUCL Bulletin, March 2002

Manipur: Assault and manhandling by the CRPF personnel

Report Lodged with the Police


The officer in Charge, Imphal City police, Imphal 795 001

Subject: Complaint for assault and manhandling by the CRPF personnel stationed at the State Bank of India main branch.

Sir, I would like to bring to your kind notice the following few lines for your kind attention and necessary action.

  1. That I was coming to the State Bank of India, main branch at MG Avenue (SBI) for some bank transaction at about 9.40 a.m. As the approach road to the Bank on the side of the Nirmala Hotel is blocked due to some road repairing work, I parked my vehicle at a distance near the Chamber of Commerce Hospital.
  2. That on entering the SBI building I was routinely checked by a CRPF constable on guard duty. The CRPF personnel raised objection against my carrying a digital diary inside the bank. I tried to reason him out that such small harmless electronic equipment is allowed everywhere, even inside aircraft. I demanded of him the basis of their opposition.
  3. That on overhearing the argument the Havildar sitting nearby joined the constable and told me that they had no time for such arguments and to leave the equipment in my vehicle. I explained them that I have parked my vehicle at a distance because of the road repair. I requested them that if I am not allowed to take it in I would be happy to leave the equipment in their custody and pick it up as and when I come out of the Bank. But the havildar insisted that they couldn't take that responsibility. Thereafter the CRPF personnel roughly asked me to leave the place and give way to the next customer. As my request was leading no where, I turned back murmuring that "This is really childish!".
  4. That before I could take the second step, the CRPF Havildar grasped my jacket and manhandled me demanding why I used bad words against him. At that moment, other CRPF personnel in the area also joined him and ran blows and kicks on me. One of the CRPF personnel even threatened me that I can be killed then and there. Fortunately, a SBI employee intervened and restrained the CRPF.
  5. That after this humiliating assault and manhandling in front of the public, the CRPF Havildar allowed me inside the SBI office. On asking him about the digital diary, which has caused all these trouble, strangely he said "Take it , it is all right".

I strongly feel that this highly provocative, irresponsible and unnecessary assault, humiliation and manhandling is not only a clear case of excessive use of force and abuse of power by the law enforcement official but also an assault to the civil liberties of the citizen. I, therefore humbly request you to kindly register an appropriate case against the CRPF personnel involved in this despicable act and take further necessary action according to the laws of the land. -- Babloo Loitongbam, Kwakeithel Thiyam Leikai, Imphal - 795 001

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