PUCL Bulletin, May 2002

An Appeal from a Mother
My son has disappeared By Sunila Majumdar

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An urgent plea from a mother


We had published in May 2000 'An urgent appeal from a mother' from West Bengal. Partha Majumdar, S/o Ms. Sunila Majumdar was picked up by the police early in the morning of September 5,1997. After a few hours he is known to have been removed to Habrah hospital from Akrampur in 24 Parganas. After that he was untraceable since September 7, 1997. The 72-year-old mother has been running from pillar to post. We again published this case in details in August 2000. Partha Majumdar is still untraced. We have again received a letter from his mother, which we are publishing below -- General Secretary:

22 January 2002

Dear Sir,

My son has disappeared.

It is a shame that he has disappeared from police custody.
The WBHRC confirmed my son's disappearance from police custody. Worse still, the personnel who had engineered his disappearance are still law keepers.

The State Government is showing an unfathomable depth of indifference. Taking this opportunity the accused are busy threatening the eyewitnesses.
Your son can vanish from the safest custody and the custodian struts around scot-free.

My son's father, who had died long back, was a Freedom Fighter. He did not fight for freedom, I am sure, to see his son disappear from police custody.
After four years and more, with justice eluding us, we are constrained to bring this matter to your notice once again. We have recently written to the CM. This letter we are attaching for your reference.

Publishing this letter or news in Monthly Bulletin of PUCL may help me to get back my son. Or, to perform his funeral rites! I appeal to you to kindly request all your members, readers of PUCL monthly Bulletin and other fraternal Human Rights Organisations and HR activists to write to the Chief Minister of West Bengal … so that he initiates early and appropriate action.

With great expectations

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