PUCL Bulletin, August 2004

Tarkunde condolence message

PUCL Bihar

The State Branch of Bihar PUCL, In a hurriedly convened meeting passed the resolution of condolence to mourn the death of Justice V.M Tarkunde, a great proponent of human values, an apostle of human rights and the cause of humanity, the great believer of egalitarian society based on equality.

Tarkunde was a great believer of democracy and opposed all types of bondages, taboos, and prejudices that fetter the dignity of man. Being a freethinker end grass root worker for the cause of human emancipation was free from all dogmas and upright to his faith.

The Speaker recalled the selfless life of justice Tarkunde a grass root worker of common cause with long association and devotion of radical human society sponsored by M.N. Roy, a great thinker of his time. He was a brilliant judge, erudite scholar of law and was social activist through out his life. He was a believer in rationalism and never believed in super natural powers. He was committed to his ideals and went to the extent of attacking even some Gandhian principles as well as Marxism.

For the PUCL it is a great loss and the void created by his sudden demise is difficult to be filled.

Speakers who participated in the meeting belonged to all walks of life, such as Radical Humanist Forum Janamukti Sangharsh, Bahini, Sampurna Kranti Munch, Bihar Chapter of Intellectual Forum, Society for reason, and different social workers and progressive thinkers and academician of repute, besides a good number of PUCL members.

The meeting was presided by Shri Ram Chandra Lal Das, President of the State Branch of PUCL Bihar. – Ram Chandra Lal Das, President Bihar PUCL


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