PUCL Bulletin, April 2004

Kerala PUCL general body meeting report

The Govt. which pretends not to see the struggle of the backward classes, makes all things for the exploitation of the adivasi people, says C.R. Bijoy, National Committee Member of PUCL from Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, while he was inaugurating the state convention and General Body meeting of PUCL Kerala at Plachimada Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Nagar in Palghat District.

The solution for the problem of the cola struggle which declares that drinking water is our birth right and the adivasis land struggle is endlessly going on. The Govt. has adopted this kind of human right violation policies. Indefinite struggle to shut down the cola factory by the local people and adivasis has now completed 675 days under the leader ship of Vilayodi Venugopal of GS of Kerala PUCL but authorities shut their eyes, Bijoy accused.

Reception Committee Chairman Advocate Haridas welcomed the delegates and State President Mathew Makkadu presided over the function.

C.R. Bijoy, National Committee member inaugurated the convention. M.S. Selvaraj and Joseph Bernard representing Tamilnadu PUCL and Karnataka PUCL respectively were also addressed the meeting.

In connection with the GB meeting two seminars were conducted. ‘Anti Coca Cola Struggle and the State’ the seminar inaugurated by Advocate P.A. Pauran, C.R. Nilakandan Namboothiri, Ajayan and others participated.
‘Adivasi Land struggle and self rule’ The seminar was inaugurated by Dalit Adivasi Leader Salim Kumar, AGMS Leader Sunny Kapikkadu, and P. Prasad also spoke.

GB meeting presided by Jacob V. Lazer, Advocate BIJI Mathew, and T.K. Vasu. Around 150 delegates from different parts of the state attended the meeting. In GB meeting, Vilayody Venugopal was unanimously re-elected as its new General Secretary. Advocate P. A. Pauran was elected as President and Jacob Lazer as State Treasurer.

Ex. MP P. Viswambaran, Prof. M.C. Mathew, Advocate Vijayan M. Iyer, P.K.M. Chekku (Vice President) and Advocate Biji Mathew, Abdul Assis, T. R. Sansankan, T.K. Vinodan (state secretaries) and elected 33 state executive members. GB Meeting passed two resolutions ‘To form a national defence committee to protect the life of Shri Sreeni Pattathananm’ and ‘To Shut down the Coca Cola Factory’. -- Yours faithfully, Vilayody Venu Gopalan, Advocate; P.A. Pauran, Jacob V. Lazer


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