PUCL Bulletin, April 2004

First conference of Bhubaneswar PUCL branch

Bhubaneswar branch of PUCL held its first conference on 15th February, 2004 at Shahid Smaarak Swaadhinataa Sangraami Bhawan. In this conference the activities undertaken by PUCL were placed for discussion.

The following is a list of these activities
Ÿ Bringing out a document protesting POTO (POTA) in Oriya
Ÿ Sending a fact finding team to Raigarh (jointly with Cuttack unit) to inquire into the police firing and arrest of innocent people
Ÿ Making a survey of police stations (jointly with Cuttack unit) on the implementation of Supreme Court guidelines on Arrest and Detention
Ÿ Investigating into the death in custody of one under trial prisoner – Mr. Nishakar Behera
Ÿ Investigating into the incident of police atrocities on people in Lanjigarh Block who have been protesting against mining and displacement
Ÿ Writing to the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe Commissioner to intervene in a school where dalit children were not allowed to use the school Tube well and made to sit separately from other caste children for taking mid-day meal.
Ÿ Making demand for the publication of P.K. Mishra Commission’s Report on Maikanch Firing
Ÿ Initiating a joint signature campaign against the Urban Police Bill
Ÿ Bringing out a booklet critiquing the Urban Police Bill

The organisational structure of the Bhubaneswar Unit was formalized in this conference by an unanimously adopted resolution.

The following office bearers were elected to the Executive Committee.
Birendra Nayak, Advisor; Biswapriya Kanungo, President; Pramodini Pradhan (Ms.), General Secretary; Dipankar Sen Roy, Executive Body Member; Pranab Jena, Executive Body Member; Jadunath Panda, Executive Body Member; Amlan Dash, Executive Body Member; L.N. Jenamani, Executive Body Member; Rumita Kundu (Ms.), Executive Body Member; N. Panda, Permanent Invitee; L. Panda, Permanent Invitee.
Dr. Prabhakar Sinha, Vice-President, PUCL National Executive, Nishant Akhilesh, General Secretary, PUCL, Jharkhand and representatives from Cuttack and Dhenkanal Unit attended the conference as observers.

In the open session of the conference held in the afternoon, a booklet analysing the draconian Orissa Police Bill, 2003 was released by Dr. Sinha, followed by a brief discussion on it. Shri Bansidhar Das, Human Rights Activist and columnist and Dr. Sinha spoke on ‘Globalisation and Human Rights’ detailing the various adverse effects of globalisation on human rights and how the parameters for interpreting human rights are being changed even by the judiciary under the impact of globalisation.

-- Pramodini Pradhan, General Secretary, Bhubaneswar, 28.2.04


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