PUCL Bulletin, August 2002

13 July 2002

Arrest of Human Rights Activist in New Delhi, India

Rights groups fear fate of Nepalese journalists

The arrest of a number of Human Rights activists
belonging to various Indian and Nepalese organisations
including Shri Gautam Navalakha, Dr Anup Saraya, and
others appears to be on the behest of the Nepalese
government. Such condemnable arrests of workers in the
cause of Democracy in other countries used to be the
speciality of the US government. India has done so in
the case of Burma, Bhutan, and now Nepal to mention
recent examples.

The PUCL (National) and the Delhi State branch have
already condemned it.

Though the most of the arrested defenders of Human
Rights were released after a few hours, the action in
the first instance is reprehensible.

Press and HR organisations are reponsible arms of the
human rights movement and should not be obstructed in
their lawful activities.

-YP Chhibbar, General Secretary, PUCL

12 July 2002, Press Statement

PUCL-Delhi condemns the arrest and manhandling of human rights
activists and journalists in Akhil Bharatya Nepal Ekata Samaj
meeting in Delhi yesterday. The incident shatters the confidence
of all concerned that they are living in a democracy. It is a
matter of great concern that the plain clothes police men without
valid reasons can pick up well known human rights activists and
journalists, manhandle them and transport them to an unknown

The government ordering the four Nepalese journalists to leave the
country goes against the spirit of all national and international
laws and conventions. The lives of the said journalists may be in
danger as they may not get a fair trial in that country.
PUCL-Delhi demands immediate withdrawal of the said order.

Pushkar Raj
General Secretary

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