PUCL, 2003

Press Statement:
March 20, 2003

Attack on the human rights of the Iraqi people

"The Bush-Blair attack on Iraq came around 5 am (Iraq Time) on March 20, 2003. They have taken upon themselves to "free" the Iraqi people from their President. The charge is that Iraq has "weapons of mass destruction" and is endangering the masses of the world. Both of them together have put into action their (green?) weapons of (safety?) destruction!

"The PUCL condemns this military action as an attack on the human rights of the Iraqi people. A people are branded here to be incapable of selecting their own government! The PUCL hopes that this 'Operation Iraqi Freedom' will be stopped and Bush-Blair duo will return to the United Nations."

Y. P. Chhibbar, Ph.D
General Secretary



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