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PUCL, 23 April , 2012

PUCL Press Statement on Abduction of Sukma Collector

23 April, 2012

PUCL urges the CPI (Maoist) to immediately release Mr Alex Paul Menon, the District Magistrate of Sukma in Chhattisgarh as the politics of abduction and ransom in the form of release of their comrades is not compatible with justice and fair play. The fact that the State has been indulging in the inhuman act of implicating thousands of innocent persons in false cases and killing in fake encounters does not justify their act as their declared objective is to create a society free from exploitation and oppression, and as such they cannot afford to be as bad as the government they condemn if they want to carry conviction with the people. PUCL also urges both the government and the Maoists to come to an understanding that neither the government will indulge in fake encounters and implicating innocent persons in false cases nor the Maoists will indulge in abduction and killing for the fulfillment of their demands. It may be added that had both the parties been belligerent nations at war, they would have been guilty of war crimes and crime against humanity. PUCL urges the central government to initiate concrete steps for coordination with the affected state governments aimed at creating an atmosphere of confidence building in which negotiations are possible amongst the fighting parties for a lasting solution of the problem.

Pushkar Raj, General Secretary; Prabhakar Sinha, President


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