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Break the nexus between the rich and the political class
PUCL Statement on the Attack on the Movement Against Corruption by Ramdev in Delhi, 5 June 2011

Karnataka state complicity in violence against minorities
".... The Karavali area resembled Nazi Germany at the height of the Nazi power. Suddenly, huge battalions of youth, mainly on two wheelers but also in other vehicles which included Government Jeeps and KSRTC buses started patrolling the roads. Violence was freely indulged in, all directed against the minorities i.e. the Christians and the Muslims. Their shops, establishments and places of business were not only targeted but were indiscriminately exploited and looted. The Police Department under the supervision of S.P. Satish Kumar who was the virtual godfather of all the anti-social elements in the entire region ably supported by Inspector Jayant Shetty and a host of police officers who included Police Inspectors - Ganapathy and Shivakumar unleashed the type of violence that the region has never experienced before...." Click on this link.
-- A People's Tribunal enquiry report by Justice Michael F. Saldanha, March 2011
Retired Judge, Karnataka High Court for Karnataka PUCL and International India International

PUCL deplores DMK attempts to intimidate the election commission

Binayak Sen trial verdict: Harrassment of a human rights activist and paediatrician

Chhittisgarh court judgement violates established judicial principles

While weaving a narrative of sedition against Binayak Sen and other accused in the case, the Sessions Court verdict violates a well laid judicial principle of the Supreme Court in matters of sedition. Read PUCL analysis | Read english tanslation of the judgement (pdf)

Dr. Sen's statement in court
"I am being made an example of by the state government of Chhattisgarh as a warning to others not to expose the patent trampling of human rights taking place in the state. Documents have been fabricated by the police and false witnesses introduced in order to falsely implicate me. " Click

K.G. Kannabiran, a distinguished human rights activist and PUCL President is dead. Dec 2010

PUCL condemns attacks on Teesta Setalvad

Kashmir : Punish the guilty not the people

Allow the people to speak freely on the Kashmir issue and listen to all shades of opinions of the people for the solution of the problem. 28 Oct., 2010. Click

Fourteen trade union leaders and activists arrested in Gujarat in the name of maoist activity

Only the State of Gujarat could have entertained this kind of generalised FIR, a piece of paper devoid of who is committing what crime, so vague that all and sundry could be booked when it says, "this FIR is against the underground leaders and members of banned Naxalite organization CPI (Maoist) who are very secretly active and with the intention of starting anti-national revolutionary peoples war by making at front the people towards".

-- Kavita Srivastava (General Secretary) PUCL. 23 June 2010. Click

Repression is bound to further alienate the people and lead to more unrest
PUCL press statement on situation in Kashmir -- by Prabhakar Sinha, PUCL President and Pushkar Raj, General Secretary, 18 August 2010. Click

African detainees at Lampur camp threaten to go on hunger strike

-- By Mahi Pal Singh, 23 May 2010.

Blatant intimidation by Home Ministry

Press statement on home ministry notice to citzens by Pushkar Raj, General Secretary, PUCL, 17 May 2010

The threat to use Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967 (which itself is a shame for any democratic government to have enacted) is a gross attack on the fundamental right of free speech guaranteed by the constitution.

Press Statement on Killing of Innocent Civilians in Dantewada on 17 May 10. Click

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