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PUCL, November 2008

Sample letter:

Appeal to parliamentarians to demand the immediate release of Dr. Binayak sen

New Delhi, ………,

To …………..
Member of Parliament …………..

Dear ………..,

As you are aware the renowned health and human rights activist Dr Binayak Sen (Vice President, PUCL) has been unjustly imprisoned by the Chhattisgarh Government for the last fifteen months in Raipur Jail.

We the undersigned would like to bring to your attention the following facts:

- The detainment of Dr Sen under the Chhattisgarh State Public Security Act is a deliberate and vengeful act of victimisation of a public-spirited doctor working for the poor that brings shame to the government and to all of India.

- The trumped up charges of ‘Sedition’, ‘waging war against the state’ and ‘abetting unlawful activities’ foisted on Dr Sen have so far not been backed up with any evidence and the judicial process initiated against him is only meant to harass him personally and intimidate all those working for human rights in Chhattisgarh.

- The trial of Dr. Binayak Sen which has been underway since end April, 2008 has shown that not a single witness of the 28, who have been examined, has proved the case of the Prosecution. In a desperate attempt now the police is threatening to file a supplementary charge sheet in Dr. Sen’s case.

- The systematic portrayal of Dr Sen as a ‘dangerous Naxalite’, the denial of basic facilities in prison and the imposition of solitary confinement on him for three weeks earlier this year are a violation of fundamental rights guaranteed under the Indian Constitution.

- The misuse of the anti-terrorist legislation by the Government of Chhattisgarh against human rights activists to suppress the voice of dissenting opinion has become a threat to the people of Chhattisgarh and to Indian democracy itself. The arrest of Chhattisgarh PUCL executive member, Ajay TG in Durg on 5 May 2008 and journalist Sai Reddy in Dantewada on similar flimsy and vague charges. Both of them were released by the Courts on statutory bail after ninety days in prison as no charge sheet had been filed in this period, thus exposing the attempt of the Chhattisgarh government to gag human rights organisations and prevent all criticism of illegal government policies and actions.

Therefore we appeal to you to demand from the Chhattisgarh State Government that they:

- Drop all charges against Dr Binayak Sen, release him unconditionally and pay compensation for the harassment and loss of liberty he has suffered due to his detention for more than a full year;

- Drop all charges against Ajay TG and journalist Sai Reddy and stop victimising dissenters in Chhattisgarh;

- Scrap the Chhattisgarh State Public Security Act that violates the basic principles of the Indian Constitution as well as internationally accepted norms of justice and rule of law;

- Stop encouraging all-out civil war in Chhattisgarh in the name of ‘Salwa Judum’, which even the Supreme Court has indicated is unconstitutional and amounting to abetment of murder by the state.

- Ensure a just and honest governance that improves the lives of millions of desperately poor people in Chhattisgarh We are,

……………. ……………. …………….

( local names and addresses)

Annexure 1 – Factsheet on the Binayak Sen case


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People's Union for Civil Liberties, 81 Sahayoga Apartmrnts, Mayur Vihar I, Delhi 110091, India. Phone (91) 11 2275 0014