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PUCL June, 2007

May 31, 2007

Friends, united we stand

But for my health I would have been at the public meeting at Raipur. I just talked to our friend Rajendra Sail, who was released early in the morning and was on way to Raipur. His release does not in anyway dilute our protest against the arrest of Dr Binayak Sen. I would like to take this opportunity to (1) reiterate the first of the aims and object of the organisation from the Constitution of the PUCL, which says, “(a) to uphold and promote by peaceful means civil liberties and the democratic way of life throughout India; …” and (2) recall the Resolution of the PUCL National Convention held on March 7, 1982, at Madras (now Chennai): "The PUCL reaffirms its faith in the democratic way of life.

"It appeals to all to use to the utmost the agencies and methods available in an open society. Apart from other factors, violence, even for laudable objectives, will legitimise counter-violence by the State and other groups.

"It reaffirms that even those who have taken to violence are entitled to due process of law. We believe that this commitment is the very faith of an open society and also that adhering to this commitment is an effective way of converting all to the democratic and peaceful way of transforming our society".

I would like to thank colleagues from all other organisations who have joined us in our protest all over the country, for their combined opposition to State repression is the real voice of democracy.

Y P Chhibbar, Ph D, General Secretary People’s Union for Civil Liberties

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