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PUCL, May 2007

UPDATE On Dr. Binayak Sen's Illegal Detention:

Raipur, 19th May, 2007: 18:30 hrs

Dr. Binayak Sen's house searh yiels no incriminating evidence - Police prevent Dr. Sen from speaking to the press

Dr. Binayak Sen's House Search today did not yield any incriminating evidence, and the police party returned with a few books, documents, letters, news-paper clippings, cds, and the Computer CPU.

Although the police was claiming in front of the media that they had found some significant documents, a copy of the seizure memo enlisting all the material exposes the "white lie" of the police. These are as follows:

1. Five CDs, mostly pertaining to the various investigations regarding Fake Encounters in Gollapalli, Katgaon, Surguja, and Jharkhand, which were made during the PUCL investigations, and contain interviews with the concerned citizens. PUCL has been distributing these for the last two years.

2. The Computer CPU, yet to be examined by experts;

3. A post-card dated 3.6.2006 written to Dr. Binayak Sen by the CPI (Maoist) leader, Sri Narayan Sanyal lodged at the Raipur Central Jail, regarding his health as well as legal case, which is duly signed by the Jail authorities carrying the Seal of the Jail Authorities;

4. News-paper clippings dated 19.6.2006, 8.4.2006, 27.8.2006, 26.12.2006, 21.8.2006, 8.1.2007, 21.12.2006 (Total 10 paper cuttings)

5. A Yellow coloured booklet "ON THE UNITY BETWEEN CPI (Peoples' War) AND MAOIST COMMUNIST CENTRE" in Hindi

6. A Letter written by Madanlal Banjare (a member of the CPI- Maoist) from Jail addressed to "Priya Comrade Binayak Sen" revealing the inhuman conditions and illegal activities in Raipur Central Jail.

( OUR NOTE: This letter was later sent to all newspapers and electronic media by the PUCL, and was prominently published in some newspapers);

7. A Xeroxed Article in English entitled: "Naxal Movement, Tribals and Women's Movement"

(OUR NOTE: This Article is based on a dialogue carried out in Andhra Pradesh during the period of the Peace Talks and was later published in the prestigious periodical Economic & Political Weekly, Mumbai)

8. A hand written photocopied note of 4 pages on "How to build an Anti-US Imperialist Front.";

9. Eight page Article entitled: "KRANTIKARI JANWADI MORCHA (ITF) VAISHAVIKARAN AWAM BAHRTIYE SEVA KSHETRA; (Globalization and the Service Sector in India)

10. A recent document dated 18.7.06 of CPI (M) "Recent Police Activities and Labourers". B.10;

11. A Book on 'SALWA JUDUM :Bastar ki janata par Fasivadi hamla' published by the Committee of Tribals affected by Salwa Juroom (48 pages); in which on page number 41 is a Press Release Maowadiyon aur Bhautiki Jan Samsayayon par Jari Barbarta sarkaar prayojit Salwa Judum ka Virodh Karo dated 11th March 2006 ( One page);

12. One issue of 'Peoples' March' (December 2004)published from Ernakulam, Kerala, (Registration Number :RNI N0: KER/ENG 2000/2051)

During the Search, four independent witnesses were allowed from the side of Dr. Binayak Sen & Dr. Ilina Sen. These included: Adv Sudha Kasar, Ms. Shobha Yadav, Dr. Lakhan Singh and Mr. Ajay T G. A Cameraman was also permitted to take the Video-film of the entire proceedings. From the side of the police, four independent witnesses and police personnel in large number were involved in the Search led by Mr. B B S Rajput, Superintendent of Police, (Urla), who is also the Investigating Officer in the case.The police conducted its own videography of the search. Dr. Binayak Sen's lawyer, Adv Sadiq Ali was also present during the proceedings.

During the entire activity, PUCL office-bearers and members were present, along with representatives of people's organisations and intelligentsia. Prominent among these were, Com Janak Lal Thakur, President and Former MLA, Chhattisgarh Mukti Morcha (CMM), Com Sheikh Ansar, Vice-President, CMM, Adv Gautam Bandopadhyay, Nadi Ghati Morcha, Ms. Asha Shukla, Senior Journalist, Sri Suresh Sahu, Roopantar, and the following members of the State PUCL Executive Committee: Com Basant Sahu, Bulu Bahen, Sr. Panna, and State PUCL President, Adv Rajendra K Sail.

Dr. Binayak Sen was not allowed to speak to the media, present in larger numbers. However, Mr. B B S Rajput addresses the media giving the police version. Dr. Binayak Sen protested against it, but was forcibly carried away to the waiting police van. Later, members of PUCL and People's Organisations raised slogans against the police and demanded immediate and unconditional release of Dr. Binayak Sen. Dr. Ilina Sen addressed the media giving the facts, and the list of documents seized.

PUCL has strongly protested against the police curtailing the freedom of Dr. Binayak Sen in not permitting him to give his views and version to the media. It is often seen that at their own convenience, the police was present the accused in their custody to speak to the media, mostly representing their version, and getting the glory for what they consider as the "valuable catch".

Rajendra K Sail President ( Mobile:098268-04519)

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