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PUCL, June 2007

Update on Dr. Binayak Senís arrest (19 June 2007)

19th June was the day for the scheduled appearance of Dr. Sen in court for extension of police remand. But he was not produced in court, with the police claiming unavailability of police escort. Further, with the jail authorities having classed him as a hardcore Naxalite criminal, the authorities have demanded additional armed forces every time Dr. Sen has to be moved out of prison for a hearing.

In a serious development, Narayan Sanyal made co-accused in the same case. The state has filed additional charges filed under Secs. 120-B (criminal conspiracy), 121-A (waging war against the state) and 124-A (sedition).

Meanwhile, the confusion regarding analysis of Dr. Senís CPU continues, with the state having filed an application stating that the report of the analysis of Dr. Senís CPU has been presented by CFSL. In the context of Adv. Saurabh Dangiís application filed in court yesterday that during his visit to CFSL, Hyderabad, he was told that they have no information regarding Dr. Senís CPU, there is now an apprehension that the state will maliciously manufacture evidence against Dr. Sen.

-- By Kavita Srivastva, PUCL National VP

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