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PUCL, May 2007

PUCL Karnataka: Statement of support

Dr.Binayak Sen, a Children specialist, a practicing doctor, Secretary of Chattisgarh state PUCL and Vice president of PUCL at National level, has been arrested by the Chattisgarh police on 14th May 2007, on charges of colluding with one Mr. Piyush Guha who has also been arrested on charges of being an informer of the Maoist groups. Mr Sen has been arrested , after being called to the station under Chatttisgßarh Public Security Act 2005 and other Black laws.

The Chattisgarh State Administration and the police have formed Salwa judum, peoples' groups to counter the Naxals and Mr. Sen has been fighting against the human rights violations in the process supporting the innocent masses. Mr Sen was also providing medical aid to the victims of violence in the area and has been carrying on his relentless fight against the human rights violations by the Police. PUCL Karnataka feels that Mr.Sen has been arrested to thwart his attempts in this process and Condemns the undemocratic of the Chattisgarh government and the Police. The new trend of treating Human rights activists as supporters of Naxals is deplorable and the PUCL Karnataka , while condemning the arrest of Mr.Sen demands immediate release of Mr.Sen - 16 MAy 2007

Dr.V Lakshminarayana State Secretary PUCL Karnataka

Divakar N Mysore dt. Secretary PUCL Karnataka

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