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PUCL, July 2007

Police arrest intellectual activist Saroj Mohanty

Rayagada, 16 July 2007

PUCL, Rayagada District, strongly protests the arrest of Sri Saroj Mohanty, Editor, Anwesha, a leading magazine of progressive Oriya intellectuals, ex-president, Sambalpur University Students' Union. The clamping of false criminal charges on a civil rights activist, fighting against indiscriminate displacement of Adivasis and Dalits from their habitats, indicates that the police of the Orissa state is acting worse than the British police, which at least arrested people's leaders as political offenders,

That the legal system of democratic India is getting seriously undermined because of the unrestrained false cases of the police is a reality that pains every right -thinking person. Sri Saroj is a noble son of Orissa of whose achievements the state should be proud. Instead of that he is branded as a criminal. Real criminals who are looting the state and providing solid support to the antisocial elements in different areas of Orissa, utilising their proximity to the seats of power, are praised as supporters of the cause of industrialization.

This reversal of natural justice, because of the entry of money-throwing multi-nationals, jeopardizes the law and order maintenance of a Naxalite-influenced district. The Naxalite movement gains legitimacy in people's eyes because the police misuse the law-supported mechanisms available to them to make fair foul and foul fair. PUCL demands the immediate withdrawal of the criminal charges against Sri Saroj Mohanty as they are false ones. PUCL, Rayagada also demands his immediate release. It appeals to all right-minded persons of all states and communities to protest the arrest of this young intellectual who was very close to the great respected socialist leader, Kishan Patnayak.

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