PUCL 2 January 2005


PUCL, D.K. activists assaulted by S.I. Cheluvaraj of Bajpe Police Station, Dakshin Karnataka


A letter to Superintendent of Police, D.K. District

2 January 2006

Dear Sir,

Sub: Complaint against S.I. Cheluvaraj of Bajpe Police Station and others for physical assault with intent to kill Mr. P.B. DíSa, President of PUCL, D.K. Unit and Mr. Hanumanth Kamath and Mr. B.K. Gatti and others

Today PUCL, D.K. Unit, Nagarika Hitarakshana Vedike, All India Brashatchar Virodhi Morcha had organized a peaceful demonstration and procession of Bajpe citizens on the issue of harassments caused to innocent citizens and the corruption and atrocities indulged-in by the Bajpe police.

Accordingly about 35 of us had assembled at one end of Bajpe bus stand at around 10:30 a.m. Distributing handbills and holding placards and shouting slogans, we started a peaceful procession. The procession halted at the bus stand and after some slogan-shouting, Mr. P.B.DíSa began to make a speech. But within five minutes a large mob of around 100 persons arrived at the spot and speaking in filthy language physically pushed Mr. DíSa and forcibly interrupted his speech.

They also assaulted other members of our group who were carrying the placards and seized all the handbills and damaged all placards and banners. After about 15 minutes S.I.-Cheluvaraj came to the spot IN CIVIL DRESS and pushed Mr. DíSa and demanded to see the license. When Mr. DíSa started to speak, he was further assaulted and pushed and was surrounded completely by the violent mob. The S.I.-Cheluvaraj disappeared from the scene and at that moment there were no responsible police officers to give life protection to Mr. P.B. DíSa and the members of his group.

This clearly shows S.I.-Cheluvarajís complicity in the crime. After about half an hour, the S.I.-Cheluvaraj returned to the spot, this time in full uniform, but did nothing to pacify and disperse the mob which continued with the same obstructionary and intimidatory and violent tactics. Prior to the arrival of the Circle Inspector, the mob, in the presence of Cheluvaraj, destroyed the remaining handbills and banners and placards speaking filthy and abusive language.

The responsible police officer supported the mob to continue with the violence. The Circle Inspector asked the mob to stop their attack and disperse peacefully but they did not heed his advice. Some members of the mob also snatched away the cell phones of Mr. DíSa, Mr. Hanumanth Kamath and Mr. B.K.Gatti and the other members. The mob and the responsible police officers forcibly made Mr. DíSa and others to sit on the road.

They used filthy and abusive language and directed the mob to teach a lesson to Mr. DíSa and see that he runs away from Bajpe without proper dress. They tried to force Mr. DíSa to direct Mrs. Jerine Goveas to withdraw the private complaint registered in the JMFC II court. They threatened of dire consequences and drastic action if Mr. DíSa failed to co-operate. When Mr. DíSa and others refused to yield to their demand, the Circle Inspector intervened and took Mr. DíSa and others to the Bajpe police station. The mob followed them to the police station.

We, the members of the group who were silent spectators and victims of the incident, pray to take suitable action against the Bajpe police and the identifiable goondas of the mob that attacked all of us.

Signed below:

PUCL members, other social work organisations and Several witnesses.

Copy to: All the relevant departments


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