PUCL December 2005

CPI (Maoist) leader, Mr. Bijoy alias Prasad dissapeared in Raipur

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Press Release 29.December 2005

The Chhattissgarh PUCL has received today a letter from the Secretary, Chhattisgarh State Committee, CPI (Maoist).The letter says that a senior leader and member of the central committee of the CPI (Maoist) who had come to Raipur for treatment ,has suddenly disappeared on the evening of 28.12.05.There is a strong possibility that he has been apprehended by the police and put under arrest.

The PUCL feels that, in the event of arrest, given the fact that this has been kept secret, there is a serious threat to the life of the arrested person. We wish to bring this incident to the notice of the public and the state authorities in order to safeguard the human rights
of the arrested person.

( Dr Binayak Sen),

General Secretary.

For Urgent Attention

Peoples Union for Democratic Rights

Dated: 29.12.2005
Press Release

We have received information from PUCL Chhatisgarh about a CPI (Maoist) leader and Central Committee member, Mr. Bijoy alias Prasad having disappeared from Raipur since the evening of 28.12.2005, where he had gone for treatment.

PUDR has recently highlighted the lawlessness with which state forces have been conduting themselves in anti-naxalite operations in Chhatisgarh. Tribals in Bastar are being killed by the security forces and the dead bodies are being disposed off without even a record.

Given this context we fear for the life of the 67 year old arrested CPI (Maoist) leader.

Peoples Union for Democratic Rights, Delhi (PUDR) therefore demands that the Chhatisgarh state authorities respect the rule of law and immediately announce the detention of the leader and register a formal arrest.

Deepika Tandon
Secretary, PUDR

Peoples Union For Democratic Rights, Delhi (India)
(Peoples Union For Democratic Rights is a Delhi based organisation,
fighting for peoples rights in India


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