PUCL Bulletin, June 2004

Delhi PUCL:

Killing of Kashmir poll observer condemned

PUCL-Delhi strongly condemns the mindless act of violent insanity that extinguished life of a committed human right activist and a journalist along with the driver in Baramullah district of Kashmir while being part of a team observing the first phase of the election in the state. Ayesha Jeelani, 29, was on poll monitoring duty on behalf of J&K Coalition of Civil Society of Srinagar.

PUCL has always maintained that violence, be it from any side, can never serve any meaningful purpose in solving any issue, least when it comes to articulating voice and aspirations of a sizable populace. It is beyond the comprehension of a sane citizen as to how the purpose ) of the struggle for rights of people of Jammu and Kashmir is served by killing an independent observer who was monitoring the democratic process at work in the state. PUCL- Delhi also deplores the attitude of the mainstream Indian media that either did not or underreported the above mentioned incident. While the media is bowled and rolled over marriage ceremonies of the cricket players and the private birth day parties of pallid politicians, it acts miserly in devoting a few lines of space for the people who die ensuring and defending the right of the common people.

It seems that the media’s role has become more of distorting priorities by being ‘partner in sale’ of crass commodities aimed at desensitizing people by feeding them on ‘shining vulgarities’. -- Pushkar Raj, General Secretary, PUCL- Delhi State branch, April 24 2004


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