PUCL Bulletin, January 2003

Press Statement
The People's Union for Civil Liberties condemns the recent spate of terrorist attacks in Jammu & Kashmir. The gruesome murder of women and children, specially beheading of women, is most reprehensible. The PUCL expects the state governments and the Central Security forces to detect and putdown such acts before they are perpetrated. At the same time, the PUCL appreciates the steps of the state government to ease tension amongst the civilians. It appeals to the people of Jammu & Kashmir to maintain clam and peace. - Y.P. Chhibbar, 23rd November 2002 "

Press Statement
Shri Balraj Puri, Convenor PUCL J&K State, urged the central and state governments and all their agencies to gracefully accept their share of responsibility in their failure to anticipate and prevent terrorist attacks on Raghunath and Panjbhaktar temples in Jammu. By blaming one another, he said, they were only adding insult to the injury of the people. The only redeeming feature in the situation, according to Mr. Puri, was the role of the people of Jammu who despite gravest provocations maintained harmony among all communities.

Press Release
Minority Council of India has strongly condemned the periodic barbaric terrorist acts in Jammu, including attacks on temples.

In a message to Mr. Balraj Puri, Prof. Iqbal Ansari, Secretary General of the Council, said "The chain of incidents of killings of innocent Hindu civilians, including women, children, and old persons is simply a criminal act and deserves serious attention of all sensitive citizens, especially of Muslims of Jammu and the rest of India.

He urged the political and social workers and intellectuals among the Muslims of Jammu to take an initiative in organising resistance against such inhuman violence in the name of religion.

Prof. Ansari is planning to organise a visit of prominent Muslim leaders of India to Jammu to lend their support to such a resistance movement for prevention of cruelty to the Hindus of Jammu.

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