PUCL Bulletin, February 2003

Joint press meet addressedbymass organizations and human rights at Nizam College, Hyderabad, 5 Jan., 2003

Jayalalitha's misrule condemned

Jayalalithaa Jayaraman led AIADMK in T.N. is announcing a serial of plans to implement the doctrine dictations and commands given by the W.B. and I.M.F.
By implementing privatization and liberalization through fast track Governance Jaya government to get the blessings of the World Bank

Making the electricity power productions to depend on private sector, where the equity is under the control of American MNC s, the TN govt. while following the path of the earlier DMK government has raised the power hike, cut the subsidy to farmers and the hut dwellers.

V.R.S. was announced for the govt. employees and by cutting many benefits enjoyed by them, Jaya govt. tries to please the World Bank masters. By passing a bill to prohibit the strike by the govt. employees, it snatches the Rights of the T.U.s.

By declaring the Bus Transport Routs to private. It is going against the Service given to the public and pushing lacks of transport workers into jobless position.

By cutting the subsidies to the poor through the public distribution system in ration shops it gave a blow to the rural poor and urban poor.

By forcibly evicting the dalits and the fisherfolk from their traditional hamlets in the cities it is preparing the ground for the schemes of the W.B. to construct Tourism structures in those places and by this act is snatching the right to live of those poor.

By removing the free electricity to the small farmers, it is making the farmers to leave the lands.

By announcing the Wasteland Development Project, she has paved the way for the MNCs to capture the common resources in the villages and allow corporatisation of lands.

Starvation deaths among handloom weavers and farmers in Tamilnadu are an eye opener of the result of mechanization, import of garments/food grains and leads to suppression of native industries and Agriculture.

In the education field she is expanding the privatization of higher education and by providing new laws to legalise the encroached lands to the self financed engineering colleges, which are part of the mushroom growth of the profiteering education institutions of the State.

By putting many opposition leaders behind bar in POTA, for airing their views in public. She suppresses the right to freedom of speech. By putting false cases on the editors and the reporters of popular magazines including Nakeeran. She is unleashing a war against the freedom of press.

By launching encirclement and suppression against communist revolutionaries and fake encounter deaths, she is posing herself as a part of "The War Against Terrorism" initiated by America.

She has given space and opened the Asian Accounts Office of the World Bank in Chennai and become closer to them.

Under the guidance of the WB, she is declaring all the above measures and posing herself as a creator of a Model State in the Indian Sub-Continent.

By aligning with the communal forces of hindutva she has come out with a theocratic anti conversion act which suppresses the rights of dalits, women and minorities.

By giving green signal to many hazardous industries, she allows then to rape the air water and the earth.

By importing mechanization in general particularly in match industry she is pushing out lakhs with unemployment. Basic civil and Political rights are in peril.
People's Movements will organise a broad united front and fight out the in famous implementation of Globalisation in Tamilnadu.

Tamilnadu Women's Collective; Human Rights - Tamilnadu Initiative; People's Union for Civil Liberties; Fisher Movements Co-ordination of TN; Working Farmers Union. 05/01/03


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