PUCL, October 2003

Andhra Pradesh Civil Liberities Committee (APCLC)

Life and liberty of APCLC activists under serious threat

Dear Friends,

In the backdrop of C.P.I.(M.L.) peoples War’s attack on the life of Chief Minister Andhra Pradesh Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu on 1st October 2003, near Tirupati Ghat Road (temple town), the APCLC activists have been targeted by the police and vigilante groups. The life and the liberty of the civil rights activists is under serious threat in Andhra Pradesh.

Mr. Hari Prasad (Advocate), Mr. M.V. Prasad, Mr. Kesava, Mr. C. Raja Ram of APCLC and their relatives Shankar, Mr. Uday, Eswaraiah and Chandrasekhar have been arrested in the early hours on 2nd October 2003. The police whisked away the APCLC members from their houses and detained in the station house and later released them by stating that their arrests are preventive arrests u/s. 151 Cr. P.C. During the custody the activists were subjected to interrogation and humiliation. In the early hours on the same day, the police in search of Mr.K. Kranthi Chaitanya (Advocate), the state joint secretary of A.P.C.L.C., forcibly made their way into his house and created panic and terrorized the family members. They left the house, as they could not find Kranthi Chiatanya in his house. Till today the police have been searching for some of the APCLC members and keeping close and continuous surveillance on their houses.

The police again on 17-10-2003 have arrested M.V. Prasad and Vijay Bhaskar convener for Revolutionary Writers Association, (RWA), tortured for 2 days and extracted confessions. Based on the involuntary confession a case is registered under AP. Public security Act. The family members of the activists are terribly afraid and suspected that the police may kill the detainees in false encounter. Further the police are planning to implicate Kranti chytanya and others in the above case.

As soon as the electronic media flashed out the news of attack on Chief Minister, at Hyderbad a group of persons in TATA SUMO vehicles reached Dr. Laxman’s (State President, APCLC) house and keep on surveillance till mid night. The next day some unidentified persons made an attempt to enter the house of Dr. Laxman, situated in the Osmania University Campus. They knocked the doors several times and terrorized his wife and children. Similarly some unidentified persons made their entry into the house of Mr. K.G. Kannabiran (PUCL), and his daughter received phone calls that she would be kidnapped. It is open secret that in A.P. the police are conniving with the surrendered Naxalites and using them to terrorize the Human rights activists. You might be aware of the brutal murder of Prushotham and Azam Ali by the state sponsored criminal gangs.

On 14-10-2003, the houses of APCLC activists Chilaka Chandra Sekhar, Ch. L.N. Murthy, in Guntur District are simultaneously attacked between 2-30 a.m. and 3-30 a.m.. The police ransaked the houses and attempted to enter and catch hold of the activists. But, the activists narrowly escaped death. After causing damage, the police claimed themselves as ‘Planadu Tigers’ and shouted slogans against APCLC and issued a death warrant to the activists.

It is common for APCLC leaders to receive threatening phone calls from the "Green Tigers or the Red Tigers". When ever a police man was killed or kidnapped by the CPI(M.L.) Pepoles War, these self styled ‘Tiger forces’ terrorize the APCLC., and other mass organizations. Immediately after the attack on the Chief Minister a press statement was released in the name of ‘Red Tigers’ warning Mr. G. Laxman and Prof. S. Sheshaiah, the APCLC State President and General Secretary, Ballad singer Gaddar, Revolutionary Writers Association secretary and Executive Member Mr. Pinka Pani and Varavara Rao. Further the statement says if these leaders do no facilitate and help to nab or surrender the persons responsible for the attack on Chief Minister, all will be physically liquidated.

The State police knew that the members of APCLC are no way concerned with the bomb blast. The Peoples War Party itself made it clear and owned the responsibility for the attack. But the police higher officials including the D.G.P. Mr. Sukumaran, talks like a private person and use the language of revenge and retaliation.

The APCLC will not subscribe to the theory and practice of Peoples War and never take part in its activity. It is an independent organization fighting for the defense and protections of people’s rights. APCLC has been pleading with the government that the Naxalite movement is a socio, economic and political movement and not a law and order problem. But the government, instead of dealing with the movement politically unleasing repression on the movement and in the process the state became a "Police State".

During the Chandra Babu Naidu regime there are about 1500 persons killed by the police indiscriminately in false encounters. In the wake of bomb blast, the police have seized the opportunity to blame and delegitimise the activities of APCLC by branding at as one of the frontal organisation of People War.

Although the APCLC reacted against the Bomb attack on Chief Minister as unfortunate and sad and further explained the incident is nothing but an inevitable result of the increasing repression by the State on the Naxalite Movement. The APCLC has been urging the state Government that providing more and more democratic space would reduces the violence in society, including the counter violence by the Peoples War Party. It is the responsibility of the State Government to open a dialogue with the Peoples War and other revolutionary parties and provide a conducive atmosphere in the state. But the state Government is delaing with the single agenda of
crusing the Naxalite movement and at present an absolute state lawlessness is prevailing in the state. Any kind of dissent or
agitation could not be tolerated by the state Government. Now the state police have targeted human rights activists and determined to cripple their voice.

We therefore request all the human rights organizations and the democratic forces across the country to raise voice of protest and bring pressure on the state Government to give due respect for the human rights and ensure protection to the human rights defenders.

With regards

State General Secretary
e-mail : seshuclc2003@yahoo.co.in
Mail to :
1. The Hon’ble Governor
State of Andhra Pradesh
Rastrapathi Bhavan

2. The Hon’ble Chief Minister
Government of Andhra Pradesh,

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