PUCL Bulletin, May 2002

People's Union for Civil Liberties (J&K State)
Press Statement (26 March 2002)

Arrest of Yasin Malik condemned

Balraj Puri, Convenor PUCL J&K State, condemned the arrest of JKLF leader Mohd. Yasin Malik under POTO. If he had violated Foreign Exchange Regulation Act, as alleged, why action was not taken under that law, he asked. Resort to a law, the constitutional and moral validity of which was still being debated by political parties and legal experts, was bound to raise doubts about the motives behind the arrest, particularly among the people of Kashmir among whom the credibility of the government was already so low, he said. It lends weight to widely held view that the ruling party in the state which did not want the Hurriyat to participate in the coming election wanted to provoke it to resort to boycott call, Puri added.

Balraj Puri, Convenor PUCL J&K State, described the terrorist attack on Raghunath temple in Jammu city on 30 April as the most ugly form of terrorism. It was, he said, intended to undermine the glorious tradition of communal harmony that the people of Jammu had maintained despite all provocations. While blaming the security agencies of the government for their failure to protect lives of innocent persons and a sacred religious place in the heart of the winter capital of the state, Puri urged the people to meet the challenge of the terrorists unitedly at political, ideological, and moral grounds. - Balraj Puri

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