PUCL Bulletin, March 2002

PUCL Activists' Workshop held in Jamshedpur

The two-day workshop organized by the People's Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) held at Tribal Culture Centre, Sonari, Jamshedpur, which began on 10 November 2001 concluded on November 11, 2001 on a positive note.
Addressing the workshop attended by nearly 50 participants from Jamshedpur, Chaibasa, Baharagora, and Gahtsila, Dr. Prabhakar Sinha, Vice President, National PUCL as the opening speaker dwelt at great length on Civil and Political rights, Scope and Challenges and ways and means to combat violations of these rights.

Dr. Sinha emphasized that Human Rights are above laws of the State and it is the duty of the State to make Human Rights available by enacting positive laws and not to make laws to curb or deny human rights. He also elaborated on the problems faced by PUCL in processing the cases on behalf of the victims of such violations.

The next speaker, Prof. Jagdish Mishra of Indian Institute of Human Rights, Delhi elaborated on the Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and presented a comparative study with facts and figures and stressing how the poverty and illiteracy were the main causes for violation of Human rights.

Arvind Anjum, a special activist gave a detailed account of the displacement of indigenous people in the name of development with specific relevance to Jharkhand and the present status of different movements against such projects which he considered were blatant violation of Human Rights as they uprooted large section of the helpless poor without any viable alternate for their very existence and livelihood.

Nishant Akhilesh, General Secretary, PUCL Jamshedpur Chapter spoke on the Constitutional Rights via-a-via Human Rights and drew comparison between China and India focusing on their successes and failures. He stressed that the Indian State deliberately failed to implement Directive Principles of State, the fundamental principles of Governance, which led to gross violation of Economic and Social Rights of the citizens of our Country.

Editor Mr. Subroto Bhattacharjee, President PUCL, Jamshedpur presented an overview of the activities of the chapter, the volume of cases handled and the cases resolved so far which have led to visible improvement in city jails. He also named cases which have been sanctioned compensations recommended by National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) by the relentless efforts of the chapter.

An exercise of question-answer session added meaning to the workshop followed by a short skit on Human Rights presented by Shashiraj Yadav and his team.

The programme began with an introductory note and briefing to the workshop delivered by Mr. T.P. Ghosh, Chapter Vice-President and concluded with a vote of thanks by Mr. M. K. Dutta, the Jamshedpur Vice-President. -- Released by Mr. T.P. Ghosh, Vice-President, PUCL, Jamshedpur, Dated 11.11.2001

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