PUCL Bulletin, April 2002

Access to water, a fundamental right

(Adopted at the Dehradun meeting of the Water Liberation Movement)
Water is life. It's a gift of nature. The access to water is a natural and fundamental right. It is not to be treated as a commodity and traded for profit. People shall have the right to freedom from Thirst, and shall have adequate access to safe water for all of their living needs.

Experiences all over the world reveal quite convincingly that water is "life" and is being privatized and brought under corporate control. This will deprive the people of water lifeline for survival. All the water resources should be owned, controlled, managed and utilized by local communities in their natural setting.
We the people from all over the world will not allow our waters to be made a commodity for profit.

We will work together to liberate water from corporate/private agencies, control and return it to the people for common good.

We demand that governments all over the world should take immediate steps to declare that they accept waters in their territories a public good and exact strong regulatory structure to protect them.

We the undersigned will work in solidarity to achieve these goals. -- Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology,
A-60, Hauz Khas, New Delhi - 110 016

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