PUCL Bulletin, February 2002

Human Rights Record of Uttar Pradesh, November & December 2001

(Dalit atrocities, Gender suppression and exploitation, and other cases of Human Rights Violations in Uttar Pradesh in the month of November and December 2001.

It is to be noted that in none of the cases reported as "encounter" with criminals any police person was injured. They have to be regarded as suspected cases of "false" encounters. It seems that the UP Police is again trying to prove the words of Justice Anan Narayan 'Mulla' that the UP Police is the biggest organised gang of criminals. The report is prepared by K.K. Roy, Advocate, High Court Allahabad, Organising Secretary, PUCL U.P.; Assisted By: Shiv Kumar Mishra, Advocate, Banda, Avinash Pradhan, Ghazipur, Prem Prakash Singh, Researcher. - General Secretary).

November Report
Extra Judicial Killings/Fake Encounter in U.P.:
Alleged Criminal Shot in Police Encounter
District: Ghaziabad, Date: 27 October 2001, Police Station: Thana Niwari, Victims: Pawan R/o Bagla Colony, Meerut

Two alleged criminal killed in encounter
Dist Varanasi, Place: Bhelupur, Police Station: Bhelupur, 6 - 7 Nov. 2001, Victims: Subhash Sahney and Ajay

Alleged criminal killed in encounter
Dist. - Bulandshahar, Place: Seda Turn, Bulandshahar, Police Station: Arania; 9 Nov. 2001; Victim: Hakikat alias Langra

Two killed in encounter

Agra City: 13.11.2001
Alleged criminal gunned down by police
Place: Maduwadeeh, Varanasi
Dist: Varanasi, 13 Nov. 2001; Victim: Aftab alias Mendhak

Violation of women's right to dignified life: Gender crimes

Heerawati, 30 year, W/o Tuphani Mushar, R/o Village Shahipur P.S. Handia was raped by Baboo Bhartiya and Dugari Yadav. Heerawati lodged an FIR in Handia P.S. Police arrested both the culprits and sent to prison. SSP Allahabad, Raj Kumar Vishwakarma visited her place and assured her legal aid security. (Hindustan 19.10.2001)

Nainy Police nabbed a youth named Sonu Singh who was harassing a girl of labour colony Nainy. Sony was teasing the girl for a long time. On her complaint the police arrested the youth. But a local leader of B.J.P. pressurized police to let him free, though the youth has criminal history and more than six cases are pending in different police stations. (Amar Ujala 19.10.2001)

Minor tribal girl raped
A 14 years old tribal girl was raped and killed by some unidentified persons. According to the Shankergarh police the victim, resident of village Unary, P.S. Suhagi Dist- Reeva, (M.P.) Four days back her father has lodged FIR in Suhagi Police Station. According to reports Urmila Devi, 14 D/o Ram Sumer was missing Her father searched her to his relatives place, but she was not found there. Then he lodged FIR, but police did not search her. Her dead body was found in a canal near Kohadia under P.S. Sankargarh (Dainik Jagran 21.10.2001)

A woman was raped and killed by some unidentified persons. Wife of Ram Sumiran Lodh R/o, Village Raujagaon P.S. Rudauli was working in her farm when a few miscreants raped and killed her (Jansatta Express 20.10.2001)

Girls Raped
Village Govidpur Balauli, P.S. Lalganj Kotwali Dist-Pratapgarh (Jan Satta Express 25.10.2001)

Dhoksaha P.S. Kaushambi (Amar Ujala 24.10.2001)

Village Bari, P.S. Sarai Mamrej (Jan Satta Express 28.10.2001)

Chauhattar Khurd, P.S. Kotwali Jarwa, Dist. - Balrampur

Nai Bazar Bharwari, P.S. Kokhraj (Amrit-Prabhat 4.11.2001)

Dalit woman gang raped Village Vara Nadi, Dist- Aligarh, P.S.: Harduagan, 4.11.2001, (-Swatantra Chetana 4.11.2001)

Hasina Begam, R/o Station Road, Urai an eunuch was gang raped.(Swatantra Chetna 4.11.2001)

P.S. Laharpur district Silapur (Jansatta Express. 5.11.2001)

Village Vijaypur P.S. Vindhyachal Dist Mirzapur (Jan Satta Express 7.11.2001)

Nari Village, Dist.- Banda, Police Station: Pailani, 31 Oct. 2001, (Sree India Banda 3.11.2001)

Gali Anarkali P.S. Sashigate Dist. Aligarh (Nyayadheesh 11.11.2001)

Village Nasyodi P.S. Lonar Dist Hardoi (Nyayadheesh 11.11.2001)

Village parsara, P.S.. Bara, Dist.- Allahabad (Dainik Jagran 14.11.2001)

Dhatiganda P.S. Madhiyanw, Lucknow (Dainik Jagran 18.11.2001)

Pratapgarh district; near village Khurd on Ramgarj road. (Dainik Jagran 18.11.2001)

Village Usarna P.S.. Itanya (Jan Satta Express 18.11.2001)

Varanasi, Usmanpur Mohalla, (Hindustan, Varanasi edition 19.11.2001)

Village Palpur P.S. Ghurpur Dist.-Allahabad (Dainik Jagran 20.11.2001)

Vill.- Godhani, Police Station - Dohrighat, Dist - Mau, 24.11.2001 (Dainik Jagran 25.11.2001)

Social violence and Police Torture:
Rakesh, R/o Goshaiganj town P.S. Goshaiganj Dist.- Lucknow (Jan Satta Express 26.10.2001)

Maiku Lal Pasi, R/o Village Ganpa, P.S. Sainy, Dist.-Kaushambi, (Amar Ujala 28.10.2001)

Shafikul Nisha W/o Hanif, R/o Saleempur Achaka P.S. Nagram (Hindustan Times 29.10.2001)

Ishwardeen a dalit student of class 10th
in Adarsh Inter College, Manikpur, Dist. - Chitrokoot alleged that his class teacher, tortured him. The reason behind torturing he alleged was his caste, be belongs to schedule caste. He told police that due to illness he could not go to school, when next day he went school, his teacher began to beat him. He fainted due to excessive beating. (Sree India Banda 31.10.2001

Two dalits killed and four dalit women sustained bullet injury for opposing molestation; Vill.- Ladpur, Ghusahaiganj, Dist. Kannauj, Nov. 2001, (Hindustan, A Hindi Daily, Varanasi Edition, Dated: 14.11.2001)

Ram Chandra Adivasi, (22) R/o Village Gadwa P.S. Jaa Dist Reeva was burnt alive by two youths. (Dainik Jagran 16.11.2001)

Bhullan, (85) and his brother Tilak Ram (65) Dalits R/o Village Tahsilpur Jigna Misra purva P.S. Raunahi, Dist.- Faizabad UP were forced to leave their ancestral village due to atrocities inflicted upon them by influenced persons of the village. (United Bharat 22.11.2001)

Usha Devi, a dalit woman R/o Village Baraon P.S. Karchhana Dist. Allahabad was beaten by some influential persons of the Nidauri Village. (Dainik Jagran 25.11.2001)

December Report
Police Killed an Armyman in an encounter drama.
Badhya Sihtikar Dist: Sant Kabir Nagar Date: October 8-9, 2001 Victim: Sanjay Pathak
Facts: Abha Pathak a widow W/o Late Sanjay Pathak R/o Village Badhya Sihtikar, P.S. Bakhira Dist. - Sant Kabir Nagar wrote a letter to Human Rights Commission regarding the killing of her husband, an army man by police treating him as criminal. On 8-9 October Sanjay Pathak was killed while he was sleeping inside his house by Police team led by S.P., Sant Kabir Nagar; Police men were chasing an alleged criminal Anand Misra and his colleagues. Anand Misra and his companions entered into the house of Sanjay Pathak. Sanjay Pathak, the army man, shouted at police and told them in raised voice that he was an army man living in that house with his family members and the police should first permit him to come out of the house with the other members safely and thereafter the police may proceed with their action. Sanjay Pathak cried to save his life along with his family member but the police turned deaf ear to his mercy appeal and the police team led by S.P. encircled the house, police men fired upon him. He was killed on the spot and his brother Girjesh Pathak was injured. Police killed Anand Misra and his companion, but before that they had killed an army man Sanjay Pathak and injured his brother. State response: The state Chief Minster declared one lac rupees as ex-gratia for the dead and twenty five thousand for the injured. District Magistrate assured employment for Abha.
Action Taken: Dissatisfied with all that, Abha, wife of the deceased army man Sanjay Pathak filed an application before the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) with the prayer to punish the guilty police personnel. In an emotional letter she appealed to NHRC that Justice should be done with her. Source: Dainik Jagran, Hindi Daily, Gorakhpur Edition 4.11.2001.

Eight persons killed in a police encounter
Place: Village Tikri P. S.: Baksa Dist.: Jaunpur Date: 30.11.2001 Victim: Eight persons. Ramesh Bawaria and Kalua were identified and six others are unidentified.
Facts: In a major joint operation the Special Task Force (STF) personnel of Uttar Pradesh and Jaunpur police claimed to have gunned down eight alleged members of a Kachcha-Baniyan gang including its leader Ramesh Bawaria near Tikari village in Baksa Police station area in Jaunpur District in the wee hours on Friday. Bawaria's brother-in-law Kalua was among those killed. The identities of six other slain persons had not been established. Three trucks and a cache of arms were seized, said SP (Jaunpur) K.S. Pratap Kumar. The police and STF personnel, who had received a tip-off spotted 3 trucks on the move around 3 A.M. When the security men signaled the trucks to stop, the drivers attempted to speed off. The police and STF men shot at the tyres of two of the trucks, bringing them to a halt. Thereafter the alleged criminals opened fire on police party. Thereafter in the exchange of fire between both the parties, eight persons of truck were killed. In the entire sequence, neither a single policeman was killed nor injured. The Ramesh Bawaria gang had been active throughout the state, where it was involved in 30 cases of heinous crimes. The members of the gang had killed three persons including a woman, in Jaunpur district on September 19. Police version: The Jaunpur police had been on the trail of the gang after the arrest of one of its members Narayan on Nov 21 who gave it vital leads. Besides Bawaria was also regarded as a cult figure among the criminals tribes active in places like Rajasthan, Karnataka, Punjab, Haryana, Chhatisgarh and Jharkhand. Some of the sensational incidents, in which the gang members were involved include the Duggal murder, Sidhauli Massacre, murder of a sub inspector in Barabaky and the killing of six persons in Gonda. Police recovered a 32 bore Pistol, Walther PPK Pistol, a 324 winchester rifle another 12 bore factory made gun, four country made fire arms. Police alleged that Bawaria's hand was behind the murder of BJP, MLA Nirbhay Pal Sharma in Saharanpur on November 5, 2000. The Uttar Pradesh police suspect political hand in the recent spate of murders and dacoities across the state involving Bawaria gang to defame the state government on the eve of Assembly elections. DGP UP R.K. Pandit told in a press conference that the clues available with the special Task force shows the link between Bawaria Gang and certain influential people at least within the state. He did not rule out the possibility that Ramesh was hired by politicians to spread a reign of terror in UP on the eve of elections. Police, however, have not clarified that the killed persons were named in any previous criminal activity. Source: Hindustan Times, Pioneer, Hindustan, Dainik Jagran, Amar Ujala 1.12.2001

Two killed in police Encounter
Place - Chhawni Area Dist. - Merrut P.S. - Cantt. 8.12.2001 Victim: Buhpendra and Jainendra
Facts: Two youths named Bhupendra and Jainendra were killed in police encounter. According to police on the tip off police team led by Satendra Veer Singh S.P. City encircled a house in Chhawni area, in which the youths were hiding. When Police party reached there the youths tried to flee from the place in police firing two youths were killed at the spot while one absconded. Police recovered one 9 mm pistol and two revolvers from their possession. Killed youths were brothers of Brijendra who was killed a few years back. These youths were involved in several killings according to S.S.P. Daljit Singh Chaudhary. No Police man was injured in the firing.

Extra judicial execution/fake encounter
Place: Kavi Nagar Dist.: Gaziabad P.S.: Kavi Nagar Victim: Babloo Hasan Puriya.
Fact: Babloo Hasan Puriya was killed in police encounter by police of Kavi Nagar Dist.- Gaziabad on Dec. 22, 2001. At about 8.30 pm on Friday police control room received a phone call from a trader complaining that three criminals in an Indica Car are threatening the traders to extort money for them. Acting on a tip-off, the police party was said to have intensified patrolling in the area. At 4.30 in the morning that the same Indica with covered number plate was standing, probably to kidnap either a morning walker or to commit another crime. The driver of the patrol gypsy informed Kavi Nagar S.O. Anil Samania who along with SI Jasbir Singh, SI Pramond Choudhary and two constables reached the spot and cordoned off the entire area. Sensing the unusual movement of the police, two persons who were outside the car, started firing at the police party and tried to flee. The police also fired in retaliation and injured a person. The injured person was immediately taken to the district hospital where he was declared dead. He was later identified as Babloo Alias Ashwani Hasan Puria of village Hassanpur. SP City Dr. Ashok Kumar Raghav told that Babloo was an active member of Rajesh Hasan Puria Gang. He had about dozen cases to his credit in different police station of Gaziabad, Merrut and Bulandsahar. Reward: A reward of Rs. 5,000/- and Rs 2500/- has been announced respectively by DIG Arun Kumar and SSP Prashant Kumar. National Human Rights Commission has said in several circular that reward should not be given in encounter matters as it encourages the police for fake encounter. Injury of Police. As always happens in the police encounters in U.P., no policemen were injured in the entire shoot out. (- Poineer, Lucknow Edition, English Daily 25.12.2001)

One killed in police encounter
Place: Sitapur Dist: Sitapur Date: 25.12.2001 Victim: Gajree alias Rakesh.
Facts: Gajree alias Rakesh R/o Vill. - Chilwara P.S. - Khairabad, Dist. - Sitapur was gunned down in police firing. According to police Gajree was fleeing after robbing in the city. On the information police chased and firing ensued from both he side, in which Gajree was killed. But no policeman injured in firing. (Nyayadheesh, Hindi daily, Allahabad Edition 26.12.2001).

Police atrocities/state repression
Torture in police custody District - Allahabad Place - Police Station, Tharwai P.S. - Tharwai Victim - Kankar
Fact - Kankar, son of Ram Lal aged about 35 years had gone to Sikandra Baharia, for some work. From there he had gone to village Bahamalpur Under P.S. Tharwai. There Kankar was sitting with a person named Phalwan. The police came and took him for some investigation which was not told to Konkar. He was brought to police station where he was subjected to third degree torture. His both the legs were broken. He was admitted to Swaroop Rani Medical Hospital. Source: Hindustan, Hindi daily, Allahabad Edition Date 1.12.2001.

Raped woman sitting on dharna
Place: Sujangarh Police Station: Kohdaur Dist.: Pratapgarh Date: 26.11.2001.
Sheela Devi W/o Ram Sukh Harijan R/o Village Sjuan Garh P.S. Kohdaur, Dist Pratapgarh U.P., a rape victim had been sitting on dharna (protest) along with her children in front of District Magistrate's (D.M.) office for a week. Sheela Devi complained that on 2nd October, while she was going to Kandharpur market to take medicine, in the way Rajesh Pandey S/o Devta Deen of her village molested her. Sheela Devi tried to register a case with Kohdaur police but police did not registered the case. Inspired by the police inactivity, on 3rd October night at 10 p.m. Rajesh barged into her house and raped her. Again, Sheela went to police station for registering a case but again she was denied. On the direction of higher authorities police registered a case, but no action was taken against culprit. Dissatisfied with this Sheela sat on dharna along with her children still, hoping to get culprit punished. Source: Hindustan, 26.11.2001.

Dalit woman beaten, dragged down the street and gang raped
Place: Pipraula Village P.S.: Cantt. Dist.- Shahjahanpur, U.P. Date: 26.11.2001 Victim: A dalit woman
Fact: A dalit woman (35) R/o village Pipraula P.S. Cantt. Dist. Shahjahanpur, U.P. was beaten and gang-raped by a few persons of the village. Victim woman told that she was going to attend nature's call in the morning when Virendra, Gendan Babloo, Arvind, Pritam, Parsadi and Munshi pulled her away. She was beaten and dragged up to the gate of Piparaula fertilizer factory, which was one mile away from her home. She further told that Preetam, Virendra and Gendan have raped her. She was brought back home by some villagers in an unconscious state. Her husband was not at home. He worked in Paradeep. She lived at home with her two minor children. Victim's relatives told that she had bought a piece of land from Gendan's brother Ram Niwas and built a house on that. Gendan was opposing and he bulldozed her home at Deepawali (festival of light). On her FIR police arrested Gendan, due to arrest Gendan was angry with her and ultimately he did such heinous act with the help of above mentioned persons. Source: Amar Ujala, Hindi Daily, Allahabad Edition 27.11.2001

Widow raped
Place: Kadipur village P.S.: Manjhanpur Dist.: Kaushambi Date: 28-29 Nov. 2001 Victim: Naurangi, a Widow.
Naurangi (30) W/o Late Dhan Raj Dhobi R/o Vill. - Kadipur P.S. Manjhanpur Dist. - Kaushambi was raped on gun point by Sharda Prasad, resident of the same village. Naurangi was sleeping in her house with her two sons Ashok and Gorka. Sharda Prasad barged into her house at 10 pm and raped her on gun point. He threatened her to kill if she opened her mouth and fled. As he was in hurry, he left his country made gun (tamancha) at the spot.
Action Taken: Victim reached police station along with villagers and told about the incident. Police recovered the country made gun (tamancha) and registered the case, but no arrest has been made so far. Source: Dainik Jagran, Amar Ujala 30.11.2001

High Court directs home secretary to submit report in rape case
Chief Justice of Allahabad High Court, Justice S.K.Sen and Justice R. K. Agrawal directed home secretary of U.P. Government to submit report before the court on 18th December about the rape case of the Chhote Lal Chaurasia' daughter of Varanasi. The judges directed while hearing on the writ petition filed by Rakesh the president of All India Prisoners welfare Association few days ago Chhote Lal Chaurasia's daughter was allegedly raped. As Chhote Lal Chaurasia is a local BJP leader of Varanasi, the State Home Minister Rang Nath Misra directed policemen to punish culprits severly. In quick response policemen bulldozed the accused person's houses. Whereas according to SSP Varanasi rape was not proved in medical examination report.

Attempted rape
A 19 years old woman R/o Village Raj Milan, P.S. Singrauli was attempted rape by a man named Shyam Bihari. The girl was going to work on her field at 3 P.M. In the way seeing her alone Shyam Bihari tried to rape her. Somehow, she escaped from there. She has loged an FIR with local police in this regard. Source Dainik Jagran 17.12.2001.

Kidnapped girl reached home, case of kidnapping and rape registered
Shyam Kali (12) D/o Mushai Harijan R/o Village Dheki P.S. Baidhan was kidnapped in May. Her father Mushai Harijan has registered a case of kidnapping with police on 4th May. Police recovered the girl from Anpara. The girl told police that her neighbour Kreview Harijan took her away to Anpara and raped her. The girl reached her father's home. Police registered a case of kidnapping and rape against Kreview Harijan who took her away to Anpara and raped her. The girl reached her father's home. Police registered a case of kidnapping and rape against Kreview Harijan. Kreview could not be arrested so far. Source: Dainik Jagran 14.12.2001.

Woman raped and murdered
A 25 years old girl D/o Putti Lal Raidas R/o village Kurithawa P.S. Auras Dist Unnao was raped and killed by some unidentified persons. The deceased woman was mentally ill and her father brought her for treatment. The woman went to the ashram of Maunibaba for cure. She visited the place several times with her there but this time she went there alone and in the way she was raped and killed by some unidentified persons and her dead body was thrown into river. Police recovered dead body from river. Police was investigating into the matter. Source: Swatantra Chetna 19.12.2001.

Ram Shree W/o Sheo Gopal R/o Village Ram Purva P.S. Baberu Dist. Banda was raped by Ram Narayan and Sant Ram. Ram Shree told police that when she was alone in her house, two persons barged into her house and raped her on gun point.
Action Taken: FIR was lodged by the victim and police arrested Ram Narayan. Sant Ram is still absconding. Source: Dainik Jagran, Hindi Daily, Allahabad Edition, 20.12.2001.

A 13 years old girl R/o village Puranpura P.S. Bharthana Dist. Etawah was raped by a youth named Surendra Yadav on gun point. The victim girl was raped by Surendra on gun point while she was going to attend nature's call. After raping the girl Surendra absconded. Police is investigating into the matter. Source: Swatantra Chetna 19.12.2001

Maternal Uncle attempted to rape his niece
A 13 years old girl R/o Shahganj locality of Allahabad City was attempted rape by her maternal uncle. The girl was persuaded by her maternal uncle to accompany him to fair. While they were on the way on a rickshaw the maternal uncle showed his evil intention tried to molest her. Seeing his wrong intentions the richkshaw puller tried to inform the police. The man left the girl and absconded, the rickshaw puller brought the girl to her home. Source: Dainik Jagran 21.12.2001.

Dumb woman raped.
A newly married dumb woman R/o Village Jahanabad Dist. Bijnour U.P. was raped on gun point by two unidentified youth. The woman who was married only 15 days back, was going to attend nature's call in evening, when two youths caught hold of her and raped her on gun point. A case has been registered with police. Source: Amar Ujala 21.12.2001

Woman Raped, Shot dead
A 25 years old woman, under P.S. Pipari Dist. Kaushabmi was raped and shot dead by some unidentified persons. Some youths while grazing their cattle saw a dead body near village Rawat Pur P.S. Pipari. They informed police. Police recovered dead body and sent for post-mortem. In post mortem report it was proved that the woman was first raped then shot dead. Source: Swatantra Chetna 3.12.2001.

Tragic tale of a tribal rape victim

Entire family of the victim has fled from the village and rapist is roaming with gun and goons without being arrested. KK. Roy. Adv. met Shushma and her father-in-law Tirasu in the office of 'Mahila Samakhya' a state government controlled N.G.O. at Allahabad on Dec. 22, 2001 who narrated this sad story. Sushma, a young tribal woman of Village - Gadamar, Police Station - Shankargarh, Dt. Allahabad was forcibly raped by Munnu Tiwari, of her own village on June 12, 2001 at around 12 AM. Shushma, with husband and father-in-law, went to the police station soon thereafter where they were made to sit on the floor of the police station till night but no FIR was lodged. On 13.6.2001, next day, FIR was lodged under Section 276/ 452/ 506/ 306 IPC. On June 13, 2001. She was sent to Mahila (woman) Police station, Civil Lines, Allahabad for medical examination. In the police station, she was locked up in lock up in the name of security but she was not sent for medical examination on that day. When, relatives of Shushma and some social activists met, Mansa Ram, Circle Officer and asked for immediate medical examination, Mansa Ram misbehaved with them and used abusive language. On June 14, 2001, she was medically examined, on the third day after the rape, Medical report was not given to Shushma or her family members. Vijaya Laxmi, station officer of Woman police station, produced her in Court. In the Court premise, Sub-Inspector, Vijay Laxmi, beat her in her belly by fist and ordered her to walk fast. Shushma was pregnant so she was not able to walk fast. Sub Inspector dragged her then.

When Shushma and her family members returned back to their village, the police of Shankargarh Police Station came to their house several times and tried to persuade her to withdraw the case and change the statement. She refused. On Nov. 29, 2001, Bhullan the brother of rapist Munnu Tiwari and his son Umakant, with three anti-socials stormed into the hut of Tirasu, the father-in-law of Shushma, caught hold of him and told him to sign a compromise paper, which they had brought with them. When Tirasu refused, they offered Rs. 10,000 to sign the compromise paper in that rape case. Tirasu again refused. Then, the three anti-socials started beating Tirasu and thrashed him. Tirasu begged for one day time to think on the offer and sign it. Bhullan and Umakant abused him in filthiest language and told that now, he will not get Rs 10,000 and they will come tomorrow and if he does not sign, he will be killed. At that time, Shushma was working in the field. When she knew about attack, she took shelter in a nearby forest. Tirashu with Chunni and Rani, two activists of Mahila Samakhya went to the police station and made the complaint. The police refused to help him. On that very day, Shushma, her husband, her father-in-law Tirasu and mother in law Munni fled from the village and from that day, they are roaming here and there. First, they took shelter in Bhandwar village and then they went to a relative's home at Sarai Village in Madhya Pradesh. They are afraid that the entire family will be killed if they go back to their village. Munnu Tiwari, the rapist has not yet been arrested. He is freely moving in the area with the direct patronage of local police.

Mahila Samakhya, a state Govt. body communicated the matter to the District Level police authorities but nothing has happened so far. A poor rape victim tribal girl and her family members are begging for the safety and security of their lives and limbs from the attack and terror of rape accused Munnu Tiwai and his men in the district of Allahabad which boasts of sending five prime ministers from this district to India to defend our Constitution and Law. Shushma is a Kol tribal women. She, herself, her husband, her father in law and mother in law, all are stone breakers and also agriculture labourers. They are landless and very poor. Gadamar village is a small village under Shankargarh police station, inhabited by 3 house of Kol tribe, 15 houses of Dalits, 30 houses of Patel (Bakward case) and 12-13 houses of Brahmins (Upper caste). Brahmins and Patels one land holders and rest are landless.
A woman R/o village Fatehshah Ka Purwa P.S. Sainy Dsit. Fatehpur was raped by a youth of the same village. The woman having four children went to attend nature's call in the evening. A youth of the same village caught hold of her there and raped. A case has been registered against the youth with P.S. Saini. Source: Amar Ujala 13.12.2001

Teenager gang raped in field
Place: Vill. - Gohariya Dist.: Bahraich Police Station.: Kaiserganj Date: 21.12.2001 Victim: Bitana.
Facts: Bitana, a 15 years old girl and resident of Vill. - Gohariya under Kaiserganj was cooking in her house. She was alone at that time. Veersen, Sewak Ram, and Parsoti Ali entered in her house and took her to a near by field forcibly and gang-raped her.
FIR - Bitana along with her two brothers went to the Kaiserganj police station and lodged a First Information Report under Section 376/506 I.P.C.
Action taken: The Circle Officer (CO) of Kaiserganj Circle has said that no arrest has been made so far and it would be made very soon. Source: Pioneer, English Daily, Lucknow Edition, Dec. 24, 2001

Seema, (15) (assumed name) D/o Ram Chandra R/o village Koora P.S. Sarai Akil, Dist. Kaushambi was attempted rape by a youth named Sangam Lal Maurya. Seema was going to attend nature's call. On the way Sangam caught hold of her and dragged her to a field. Seema made noise. Sangam absconding a case has been registered against Sangam. Source: Dainik Jagran 25.12.2001

A 14 years girl
R/o village Jagannathpur P.S. Mohammadpur Painsa Dist. Kaushambi was raped by a youth of the same village. The victim girl was going to attend nature's call. In the way a youth caught the girl and took her away at gun point. He brought the girl in a room and raped her. Girl told her father about the incident, a case was registered with police. Superintendent of Police Banwari Lal and Station Officer Shive Shanker Pandey reached the spot. The culprit could not be arrested. Source: Amar Ujala 25.12.2001

Meena, (20)
D/o Shahab Lal Sharma R/o Vill Betawa P.S. Badlapur Dist. Jaunpur was raped by her own cousin at gun point. Victim's father Sahab Lal Sharma told police that his brother's son Sujeet Kumar alias Pappu (20) raped the girl on gun point. He threatened her to kill if she opened her mouth. After six months it was known to parents because Meena was pregnant. Sahab Lal Sharma lodged an FIR with Badlapur police against the rapist Pappu. Police is searching Pappu after registering a case under Section 336 of IPC against Pappu. Source: Dainik Jagran 26.12.2001

A minor girl raped
Place: Inkari, Lavedi Dist.: Etawah P.S.: Lavedi Date: 27.12.2001 Victim: Daughter of Narottam.
Fact: Six years old daughter of Narottam of Village Inkari, P.S. Lavedi Dt. Etawah was raped by son of Meva Ram and his another friend. A report has been lodged in this regard. Source: Rastriya Sahara 27 Dec. 2001

Starvation Death
Starvation Deaths in Uttar Pradesh
Fed up with abject poverty and hunger a local tribal family (Mushar) of this region were compelled to eat rotten food and poisonous roots, which is causing their death. On Nov. 10th Sharda Angnoo of village - Narayanpur, Post - Kashya, Tehsil - Kashya Dist.- Kushi Nagar died of hunger. Twelve days after, his son, Binny Angnoo also died due to starvation. On 20 November Panno of Fazil Nagar also succumbed to starvation. In the month of Nov 5 Mushars died due to hunger in Baheri forest area of district Padrauna. It is said that this tribal (Mushar) community totally depending for their survival on the work of agricultural labourer. With the introduction of a modern machine known as combined harvester used for sowing and harvesting, they have been rendered totally jobless and they have no other alternative work or engagement, causing unprecedented calamity resulting into their tragic death due to hunger and starvation. This horrible incident of starvation deaths has exposed the hollow claim of the government of keeping abundant food grains in the godowns. The prime minister's much publicised scheme of providing food to the people living below poverty line (BPL) is kissing the dust. Source: Jansatta Express Hindi Daily, Lucknow, 29.11.2001.

A fifty years old, unidentified man, took refuge in 'night shelter'. He was hungry for some days. He was ill and he had nothing to eat. For one day or two, some passer by gave him some bread to eat. Thereafter, he did not get any thing to eat. A driver of the vehicle of Hospital Mortuary asked him his home. He could only utter, 'Mahadeo of District Mirzapur. He could not tell any thing more. The driver wrote his name and district on the wall so that any one could recognize him but no body came. In the face of the chilly winter of Allahabad, he had torn cotton cloth and nothing. Fighting all odds and hungry for more than five days, the poor old man died in the night of 13th December, 2001. His dead body was dumped in the mortuary. Help: District Administration, Municipality and the Hospital (SRN Hospital) did nothing to help the man, who was on the road, and died of hunger and poverty. Source - Rastriya Sahara, Hindi Daily, Allahabad Edition, Dec. 15, 2001.

Prisoner died of Jail Police beating
Place - Walipur Dist. - Jaunpur P.S. - Gnanpur, 26.12.2001 Victim - Rajesh Maurya.
Fact - Rajesh Maurya S/o Babau R/o Village Walipur P.S. Gnanpur Dist Jaunpur died in district hospital, where he was admitted by district jail administration in critical condition on 23 December. Rajesh was arrested by P.S. Rampur police under Arms Act. Later on he was sent to district Jail. Jail Superintendent was on leave and Jailer Virendra Singh was officiating. Rajesh Maurya was beaten by Jail police for unknown reasons. Jail Police misbehaved with jailer Virender Singh, when he opposed the beating of Rajesh Maurya. After beating police personnel kept him in barrack without giving him any warm things. When Rajesh Maurya's condition became critical they admitted him in district hospital where he died. Police personnel tried to prove his death due to cold. District Magistrate of Jaunpur Rajan Shukla sent his dead body to Allahabad for post mortem. In which it was proved that Rajesh Maurya died due to beating of Jail Police personnel. Source: Amar Ujala, Hindi Daily, Allahabad Edition 26.12.2001

Dalit Atrocities

Dalit girl abducted 16 years old dalit girl D/o Late Bhai Lal Pasi R/o Village Pithipur P.S. Nawabganj Dist.- Allahabad, was abducted by a few persons of the village on 23rd November. Victim's brother Babboo Pasi reached Nawab Ganj Police Station to lodge an FIR against Ome Prakash Maurya and his colleagues, policemen declined to register a case and abused him. When some local leaders interfered police admitted Babboo Pasi's application, but did not register the case. Culprits are moving scot-free and threatening Babboo to face dire consequences, if he tried to register case. Babboo appealed to higher police authorities to look into matter so that his sister could be recovered. Source: Amar Ujala 29.11.2001

Place: Indu Vihar Scheme colony, Avash Vikas Colony, Dist.: Pratapgarh, Victim: Ram Pyare Harijan, 4.12.2001.
Fact: A rickshaw puller had taken loan from Harijan Welfare Department to get a house from government allotted. He had deposited the money to the cashier of Avas Vikas Parishad Sri. Arun Kumar Srivastava. He was neither given the receipt of the deposited money nor the allotment letter. When he sensed some foul play in it, he inquired at the office of the Parishad and found that no money was deposited in the account of the Parishad. He asked the accountant about this who misbehaved with Ram Pyare. In the meantime the accountant got that house allotted in the name of Jag Bhan Singh. Ram Pyare Harijan, the Rikshaw puller made a complaint to the Commissioner, Avas Vikas U.P. who passed an order, suspending the allottment order made in favour of Jag Bhan Singh and ordered to submit the record and report. In the meantime Ram Pyare Harijan also made complaint to the Chief Minister by a letter who directed the Supdt. of Police, Pratapgarh Jay Narain Singh to take appropriate action. The police officer did not take any action but when the accountant came to know about this he got infuriated and along with some other persons attacked the mud house of the Ram Pyare. The wife and daughter in-law of Ram Pyare and he himself were badly beaten and thrashed. All the house hold belonging were thrown on the street and the small house was taken away from them on Nov. 2, 2001. From that day entire family is living under sky. He has appealed to the police and administration but no action has been taken yet. Source: Hindustan, Hindi Daily, Varanasi Edition, 4.12.2001.

Durga Pasi R/o Gulam Noor ka Purva Dist Kaushambi got a piece of land on lease from Tehsil administration. He alleged that his neighbours Mahesh Sharma and Ramesh Sharma grabbed his said land forcibly. Police registered the case against Mahesh and Ramesh. Source: Dainik Jagran 19.12.2001
Dalits house razed to grounds by musclemen
Place: Vill. Tirahara Dist.: Kaushambi P.S.: Manjhanpur Date: Dec. 21.2001 Victim: Kallu and his house.
Fact: Defying the law and order, musclemen set the house of Kallu, a dalit on fire and then demolished it to ground. On Dec. 21, 2001 they climbed upon the house of Kallu and set it on fire in which the mud construction was completely destroyed. FIR: Kallu lodged FIR naming five persons. No arrest has been made so far. Source: United Bharat, Hindi Daily, Allahabad Edition 25.12.2001

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