PUCL Bulletin, July 2002

J.R. Sahni Passes Away

Dr. J.R. Sahni, a member of the PUCL Delhi, passed away on June 13th, 2002. A resolution was passed at a meeting to condole his death. Shri Sahni's life was a symbol of struggle and sacrifice. He was actively involved in freedom struggle for Indian independence, was a close associate of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, and suffered imprisonments under the British. After independence, he never involved himself in power politics and propagated the principles of non-violence and clean politics. He was a firm believer in democratic rights and civil liberties of the people and strongly denounced and actively opposed the imposition of Emergency in June 1975 for which he was sent to jail along with Bhimsen Sachar, Sewak Ram, SD. Sharma, Vishnu Dutt, Vaid Kishan Lal, KK Sinha, Prof. JK. Sharma, and AB Bhardwaj. He was a relentless fighter for democracy and opposed communalism in all its forms. While opposing terrorism in any from, he raised his voice against State repression in Kashmir, Punjab, and North East.

We remember him as a man of courage and principles.

Heartfelt sympathies with the members of his family were expressed in the meeting by and on behalf of the following of his colleagues and friends:
V.M. Tarkunde, Citizens For Democracy; Y.P. Chhibbar, PUCL; B.D. Sharma, Indian Radical Humanist Association; Iqbal Ansari, Minorities Council N.D. Pancholi, Coordination Committee on Kashmir. - Y.P. Chhibbar, General Secretary

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