PUCL Bulletin, May 2002

PIL by Kerala PUCL
Supreme court stops fraud

With great delight may I convey good news regarding a PIL taken in hand by our Kerala State branch. It is against one Mr. T.A. Majeed of Fair Pharma. Through fraudulent misrepresentations and advertising widely in India and abroad, Mr. Majeed, who is not even registered with any statutory bodies of Medicine or Alternative Systems in India, has been prescribing spurious 'herbal' medicines which contains steroid preparations, as has been scientifically ascertained by the Institute of Science in Bangalore.

The said drug called "Immuno QR" has not gone through any scientific trial and the claim of any success should have been published in any of the scientific journals in India or abroad. In addition to ASCI ban on the IMMUNO QR advertisement in 1994, the Hon'ble High Court Of Bombay in its order dated 25-4-2000 against OP 346 / 2000 and suo motu WP 8390 / 1999 has prohibited Mr. T.A. Majeed and his concern Fair Pharma, Broadway, Ernakulam, Kochi from making any sort of publicity for his drug for AIDS, IMMUNO QR. The Drugs Controller of Kerala, Trivandrum had cancelled his drug license for IMMUNO QR which was originally licensed for some simple ailments, when he started treating HIV Positive persons with the said drug as a sure cure and subsequently in OP 12883/1998 before the Hon'ble High Court of Kerala the said Mr. T.A. Majeed has testified that his drug IMMUNO QR is not a remedy for AIDS and he did not treat any HIV Positive persons with it and obtained a stay order against the cancellation on that ground some three years back. It did not get vacated due to his political influence and money power for a long time with the government authorities.

Then the state unit of PUCL and Mr. C.I. Oommen, President of Bharatiya Rationalist Association, in joint petition approached the Hon'ble High Court of Kerala on 19/12/01 and we got an interim order prohibiting Fair Pharma, Kochi from manufacturing selling and advertising his AIDS cure IMMUNO QR and other medicines for cholesterol, mental retardation etc. The Court had given him the date January 18, 2002 to file the counter reply . Interestingly, by sensing our move he has withdrawn his website www.fairpharma.net even before the Court Order. The online ordering facility had also been stopped by it.

After the Court Order most of the other websites linked to Fair Pharma or contained his publicity material disappeared. Mr. T. A. Majeed has earned more than 1000 million rupees by this time cheating the AIDS patients. He may go to the Supreme Court of India, perhaps. In that case we expect all possible help from your organization to fight the case in Delhi. After 100 days of treatment with the said drug IMMUNO QR the said Mr. T.A. Majeed of Fair Pharma used to make believe the HIV Positive patients that they are completely healed and free of HIV virus by means of fabricated blood test certificates. By marriage and other means they spread the disease to unsuspected partners.

In the website www.fairpharma.net the said Mr. T.A. Majeed claimed that he did heal about 100,000 HIV Positive patients which means that the said Mr. T.A. Majeed is instrumental in spreading the HIV virus among at least ten million people by this time. Smt. Chitra of Kilimanoor Kerala, an HIV Positive woman featured to have healed by him in the websites of Fair Pharma died of bone TB as a result of full blown AIDS in July 2001. Our State Secretariat member Mr. Jacob V. Lazar along with a leading lawyer in the city Mr. K. Jayakumar took commendable efforts in this PIL. -- Vilayodi Venugopal Secretary, PUCL, Kerala Unit

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