PUCL Bulletin, April 2002

Obituary; Shri M.A. Latif

Shri M.A. Latif, Convenor, West Bengal State branch of the PUCL expired in the month of February according to information received from Shri Ajoy Datta of West Bengal PUCL. Shri M. A. Latif, a prominent lawyer, was associated with the PUCL since its inception in West Bengal. When Shri V.M. Tarkunde inaugurated the West Bengal PUCL in September 1981 with Shri Annada Shankar Ray as its President and Shri Gaur Kishore Ghose, Shri Naresh Ganguli, Shri Deepak Deb as its vice-presidents, Shri M.A. Latif was elected its General Secretary. He took over as Convenor of the State branch after Shri Annada Shankar Ray. Lately he was constantly trying to put new life in the West Bengal PUCL. According to the information received he had formed a committee for the purpose, which could not function as he had a sudden heart-attack at about 9:00 a.m. in the morning after some discussions.

The Human Rights movement in the country has suffered a grievous loss in his death - General Secretary

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