PUCL Bulletin, January 2002

Ranchi & Jamshedpur:
Demand to form a state human rights commission in Jarkhand

Friday 14, September 2001

It is a grave social concern that instances of social violence and violation of Human Rights in the newly formed Jharkhand State are on an alarming rise. A large number of such violations have been reported to the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), which in the absence of the State Human Rights Commission is too burdened to cope with the rising indices of complaints. As on record, NHRC receives as large as 65,000 cases per year. It is worth noting that Bihar and Jharkhand (combined) is the second among all States, next to Uttar Pradesh accounting for the largest number of violations.

A study conducted by PUCL units at Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Dhanabad and elsewhere reveals that the State is experiencing various types of violations as enumerated in Universal Declaration of Human Rights including offences cognizable under Penal Law. It is almost impossible for the poor victims to seek redressal through legal procedure, which is long drawn, cumbersome and expensive which the oppressed men cannot afford; nor can they find it easy to approach National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) in Delhi. You will appreciate that if the common people suffer and consequently become restive and frustrated; they will agitate and will thwart the plans for development and prosperity. The common men mostly tribals are still poor, illiterate and have none to address their problems and grievances. There is no channel available to them to seek redressal of their grievances and the violations of their basic human rights. There is urgency, therefore, to provide speedy trial of such offences to uphold the dignity and rights of an individual expected in a civilized society. With this background we urge you to issue immediate directives for constitution of District Human Rights Court in all the districts of Jharkhand State as provided under the protection of Human Rights Act 1993'.

This memorandum also urges you to order for early formation of Jharkhand State Human Rights Commission, constituted with Chairperson and Members known for their integrity and enjoying public trust and free from political and other inf1uences. -- Nishant Akhilesh, General Secretary, Jamshedpur; B.P. Keshari, Convenor, Ranchi PUCL

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