PUCL Bulletin, 2003

South India Meeting on IPC 377 in Bangalore - Monday, 13th October 2003

Dear friend(s)

Greetings from Bangalore

We had a meeting in the Bangalore on 28th September 2003 to discuss
about our response on IPC 377 (Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code,
which criminalizes homosexuality). More than 25 people from different
social activist groups/institutions (including Alternative Law Forum,
DISC, NLSIU, PUCL-Karnataka, Samraksha, Samvada, Sangama, LABIA/Forum

Against Oppression of Women - Mumbai, Vividha) attended the meeting.
It was decided to hold a South India level meeting of various
activists/groups working for the rights of sexuality minorities/
sex-workers/ women/ children/ dalits/ adivasis/ religious minorities/
the poor/ workers/ people living with HIV/AIDS, human rights and
social change to plan common strategies on how to fight unitedly
against IPC 377.

We invite you for the SOUTH INDIAN MEETING on this issue, to be held
on 13TH OCTOBER, 2003, MONDAY from 11 AM to 7 PM at SANGAMA, Flat 13, 3rd Floor, Royal Park Apartments, 34 Park Road, Tasker Town, Bangalore - 560051, Phone: 080 2868680/2868121

The draft agenda of the meeting include: understanding IPC 377,
rape/sexual assault laws, laws to punish Child Sexual Abuse (CSA),
need for law reform on sexual assault/CSA issues, law reform and
feminist movement in India, law reform process in various countries to
fight anti-sodomy laws (USA, South Africa, Tasmania-Australia etc..),
law reform through High Courts/Supreme Court, law reform through State
Legislatures/Parliament, planning our common strategies for fighting
IPC 377,

Please circulate this widely and confirm your participation by

Hope to see you all at the meeting

In Solidarity

Arvind, Manohar, Pushpa
on behalf of Ad-hoc committee for South India Meeting



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