PUCL Bulletin, June 2002

Brutal police beating and illegal detention of dalit in Varanasi
By People's Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR)

Harishchandra alias Bhothu s/o Late Salikram of Village Bhelakhaan under Police Station Badaganv of Varanasi had sold some Grass used in thatching roof to Pradeep Singh for thatching the roof of his brick kiln Factory. Although Harishchandra had been repeatedly asking for the money, Pradeep Singh kept delaying payment. Due to the coming Holi Festival Harishchandra went to Pradeep Singh's House to ask for the money on 25th March at around 7 P.M. As he approached the House, suddenly the In-Charge of the Police Chowki (Post) of Haruahan, Mishra, accompanied by one of his police person, came on his motorcycle and stopped in front of Harishchandra.

He immediately started abusing Harishchandra and when Harishchandra politely and with folded hands begged him to tell what his mistake was, the police person accompanying Mishra started beating him with his lathi. Harishchandra started to scream and soon other villagers gathered around them. No one however dared to interfere. Mishra then took Harishchandra to the Haruhan Police Chowki where he was kicked and slapped. By this time other villagers and the wife of Harishchandra arrived and requested Mishra to release Harishchandra. But the police refused to listen. Harishchandra was then taken to the Police Station Badeganv where the Police Station In Charge, Rathor, questioned him and later took his thumb impression on blank papers. On the 26th March 2002 at around 10 A.M. Mishra took him to the private nursing home of Dr. Shambunath Singh under Police Station Shivpur and got the victim hospitalised after paying Rs.500 to the Doctor and told the Doctor to treat him well and after that he will receive full payment. An x-ray was taken of his fractured hand and leg.

On the 27th of March, the undersigned happened to be at the SSP's office and noticed the victim. On enquiring and learning of the case, I intervened with the SSP and pointed to him that it was a case of atrocity against Dalit. The SSP then ordered an enquiry by C.O. However I am not satisfied since no FIR had been lodged and although the police conducted a medico-legal examination, they have not given the certificate and we suspect possibility of manipulation.

Our Demands.
1.An immediate lodging of FIR followed by enquiry by CO
2.Immediate action against Pradeep Singh for non payment
3.Due compensation to the victim and immediate medical relief

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