PUCL May 2005

Against reservations for Muslim students

-- By J.S.Bandukwala, Vadodara
[The author is a Vice-President of PUCL Gujarat]

To, The Editor, Times of India, Ahmedabad / Mumbai / New Delhi

Dear Sir, I write with a heavy heart, knowing that my
views may pit me on the same side as the Sangh
Parivar.The decision to have 50 % reservation for
Muslim students in Aligarh Muslim University, may
hurt the Muslims of India tremendously. In the
aftermath of Gujarat 2002, Muslims all over India have
turned towards quality education on an almost war
footing.Estimates are that within a couple of decades,
Muslims will be the best in fields as diverse as
medical. engineering, research and management.

Yet perceptions in public are equally important.In the
popular mind, any rservation, whether based on caste
or donations, ultimately implies poor quality.This is
the last thing, my community needs at this stage.Even
today, in Gujarat of Modi , Muslim students are in
medical colleges, on merit, to the tune of about 4.5
%.. The Muslim population figure is about double in
Gujarat.But what counts is that these doctors can hold
their heads high , even though Gujarat is full of
doctors, both of the reservation and non reservation

I do not want non-Muslim perception about Muslim
professionals to become negative. After all the only
way to solve the Muslim tangle in India, is through
Muslims rising on their own feet, with total trust in
Allah alone.

Sincerely Yours,


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